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Stop the World! Obama’s “we can’t wait” student loan adjustment will save $4 to $8 per month

The monthly impact of the president’s new effort for most Americans paying off college debt will be between $4 and $8.


Even worse, he really is doing something he can’t do!  He is attempting to alter legislation and is way over-stepping his power.  This is a massive violation of the separation of powers, trying to legislate by executive order.  Isn’t that an impeachable offense?  “We can’t wait” to get this man out of office.  He is reckless and dangerous.

Posted:  10.27.11 @ 12:54 p.m.

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Administration filed appeal in Obamacare case – two days early

Is it a secret?  I only found this one post on it.  It is finally an admission Obama lost the case.  Only losers appeal.


Posted:  03.09.11

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