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Federal debt now at $14,999,400,000,000 (update)

The last six numbers are spinning so fast I can’t write them down, so I just rounded it off.

Just since I was writing the headline and the first sentence, the 400 is already 410.

They have to do something before it gets to $15.19 trillion, the current ceiling.  I was supposed to last until January or February of next year.  I thought congress would do a secret Christmas Eve session to raise it, but it’s not going to hold out that long.




The Treasury Department said Wednesday that the federal debt has climbed to a record $15 trillion [-] a staggering figure that caps a precipitous decade-long rise.

The exact total stood at $15,033,607,255,920.32 as of the end of business Tuesday, marking a jump of $56 billion over Monday’s tally. All told, federal debt has risen $4.407 trillion since President Obama took office. 


Posted:  11.16.11 @ 12:19 p.m. Update:  11.16.11 @ 9:35 p.m.


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U. S. debt nearing $15 trillion – Debt Clock Link

We are getting closer to the $15 trillion mark.  On about September 8. 2011, the Senate lifted the borrowing authority of the U. S. to $15.19 trillion.  This was supposed to get us through January, 2012.

Something will have to be done soon and they will do it on the sly if they can get away with it.  This clock is really spinning.  I wonder if it will last until January.  I perdict a Christmas Eve midnight ride when no one is looking.


“The U.S. Senate, in an unusual procedure, cleared the way Thursday for the U.S. to lift its borrowing authority by $500 billion to $15.19 trillion, enough to keep the support federal government borrowing through late January or early February.”


Posted:  11.03.11 @ 9:57 p.m.

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