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Rewind: What Chris Matthews was saying last July (2009) video update

(04.25.11 @ 09:26 a.m.) Well, I have finally found this video that was taken down on You Tube with these assholes calling their fellow-Americans full mooners, rocks at the bottom of the river, in the ergenous zone of insanity…….


This was obviously before the tea party sweep on November, 2010.  I think they are the insane ones.

Final Question:  Where the hell is the birth certificate?



I just love to go back and review what has been said previously and compare it with the reality of today.  This is a video of Chris Matthews and Howard Fineman ranting on about “Birthers” in late July of 2009.

Funny.  Fineman says the August recess is going to be engulfed in questions about the Obama birth certificate when the “White House wants the conversation to be about health care.”  Well, now that we know that the conversation was all about health care at all the Town Hall meetings, I’ll bet they wish it had been about the birth certificate.

He says something to the effect that the Republicans are at a very low ebb and when this happens it exposes the “rocks at the bottom of the stream.” This referring to a tea party he had attended in Kentucky.  Is there just a glimmer of that elitism showing?

Republicans at a low ebb?  My how things have changed since last July.

I don’t know what they were trying to do here, since it was they who brought up the birth certificate issue to begin with.  Were they just trying to get out in front of what they really thought would be the most troublesome aspect of the summer recess and Town Hall meetings?  MSNBC carrying the Obama water.  That bucket has gotten a whole lot heavier since last summer.  Plus, this is a very good indication of how disconnected the MSM and Washington has been and is with what is really important to the people.

As the Congress and the administration plods ahead vowing to do “for the American people” what they don’t want done.

Posted:  03.18.10

Hang tight, Mr. Stupak. Looks like the Loving Left has made his life a living hell.
I was not able to get through at his WH number, but I got an answer at one of the district offices. Here’s a bunch of numbers at his website if anyone wants to call to encourage him. http://www.house.gov/stupak/contact0507.shtml

(Well, Stupak turned out to be a low life liar.)

Updated:  04.25.11


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Fox takes top 6 in August ratings while MSNBC is calling Americans dumber than Joe the Plumber, old, angry, uneducated, and misinformed (Video)

NITE OF AUG 10, 2009

1,  FOXNEWS O'REILLY 3,814,000
2,  FOXNEWS HANNITY 3,118,000
3.  FOXNEWS BECK 2,417,000
4.  FOXNEWS GRETA 2,388,000
5.  FOXNEWS BAIER 1,988,000
6.  FOXNEWS SHEP SMITH 1,833,000
7.  MSNBC OLBERMANN 1,243,000
8.  MSNBC MADDOW 1,082,000
9.  CNNHN GRACE 875,000
11. MSNBC HARDBALL 710,000

(From Drudge)

But then, it doesn’t matter much what they say.  Nobody is watching.

He did get the angry part right.  I wonder if the poor, dumb folks will be able to find their way to the voting booth in 2010.  Yeah, I’d put money on it.

Posted:  08.12.09

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How many American citizens are uninsured?

It has been reported, and the President just repeated it, that there are 47 million people in the United States who are uninsured.

But I am trying to verify that number and here’s a breakdown given in Business and Media.org that breaks it down like this:

  • 10 million not citizens
  • 8.3 million uninsured people who make between $50,000 and $74,999 per year and
  • 8.74 million who make more than than $75,000 a year.
  • That’s roughly 17 million people who ought to be able to “afford” health insurance because they make substantially more than the median household income of $46,326.

So what is the true extent of the uninsured “crisis?” The Kaiser Family Foundation, a liberal non-profit frequently quoted by the media,

  • puts the number of uninsured Americans who do not qualify for current government programs and make less than $50,000 a year between 13.9 million and 8.2 million. That is a much smaller figure than the media report.

This is a prime example of why people DO NOT believe what they are being told by this administration about the reform of health care/health insurance reform.  The term has changed from care to insurance during the last month.  And so that begs to question, instead of a complete overhaul of the system, why not find a way to cover these 8 to 13 million uninsured Americans?

Posted:  08.11.09


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President: I do not support Euthanasia

I had to laugh out loud when I heard someone say, “You know they have lost the argument when the president has to come out and say, “I do not support euthanasia.”  🙂  Now instead of the “birthers” we have the “deathers.”  Too funny.

Then I hear Chuck Todd say he thinks the administration will handle this “citizen revolt” (my words) by “hurrying up and passing health care reform and get it in the rearview mirror.”

Imagine that.  Think about that.  With Americans being called mobs and people who have never done any more than vote are saying in no uncertain terms, “We do not want this to pass, at least not until we know exactly what it means.”

If that happens and they continue to jam this thing through, any and everybody who votes for it just better pack their bags because they will be leaving Washington.

What we have is a president who promised unity, no red state, no blue state, who said in his inaugural address,”To those Americans whose support I have yet to earn — I may not have won your vote, but I hear your voices, and I will be your president, too.”  So much for that.

And if we have a president who is now going to bulldose this through, then we have a president who has more regard for terrorists in Quantanimo and their rights than he does for his fellow-Americans.

But has anybody ever seen anything like this uproar from average Americans?  It is a middleclass rebellion.  There is no way the republicans or anyone else could get these people off the couch.  No way.

I remember that in the beginning of this movement, people were just saying, “we’re going to get together on a certain date at the post office or other public place.”  People would just show up.  Now all the media shills are saying they are organized, that somebody sent out a list of town hall meetings.  Wow.  Isn’t that horrible.  A list of town hall meetings.  Horrors.  And they even encouraged people to attend.  But it really does not matter.  ACORN has been FUNDED by the United States government for years, and is Obama’s right-hand.  And isn’t it beyond amusing that the head honcho of community organizers is being “community organized?”

Everybody now is calling for debate and civil discussion, but you have to remember if the administration had had it’s way, this would have been passed before the August recess.  So they had no intention whatsoever of having any discussion.

That’s right.  We’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore.

Posted:  08.10.09


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Obama: Argue with them, get in their face

In September of 08,  Elko, Nevada, Obama tells his supporters:

“I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors. I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face,” he said.

In June of 08  – “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” Obama said in Philadelphia.

On August 6th 09, the White House says, referring to town hall meetings, “If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard,” (Jim Messina).

On August 7th, 2009, at 2:30pm EDT, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is hosting a call with health care activists and SEIU members to discuss what needs to happen in order to win health care reform, and to directly respond to accusations and distortions from opponents. SEIU coordinates with Sebelius.

So then comes the SEIU, the real mob, beating up a man in St. Louis, four people kicking him while he’s already on the ground.


Sweetness and Light.com for post and videos.

Do we have an administration or a regime?

Posted:  08.08.09

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We are the mob in Brown Shirts. Be very afraid

Mobs ‘R Us

The week the government turned on the citizens.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi claims protesters are “carrying swastikas and symbols like that to a town meeting on healthcare.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, armed with a patch of Astroturf,  “I just want to show you what Astroturf really is,” Reid said to laughter. “They’re taking their cues from talk show hosts, internet rumor mongers, and insurance rackets.”

Harry Reid:  “In spite of the loud, shrill voices trying to interrupt town hall meetings and just throw a monkey wrench into everything, we’re going to be positive and work hard,”  (Maybe someone in the crowd should throw a couple shoes.  That would really be funny, huh?)

Brian Baird D/Washington said he’s using the new system (telephone town halls) because he fears “extremists” may be planning “an ambush” to disrupt his meetings, using methods Baird compared to Nazism.

“What we’re seeing right now is close to Brown Shirt tactics,” Baird, D-Vancouver, said in a phone interview. “I mean that very seriously.”



See more of the mob here.

Posted  08.07.09


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Repost: Rage and Jeering Toward McCain Supporters (Video)

See video below of the boos and jeers McCain supporters got in Manhattan from the “civil and respectful” crowd.

I wrote the following last October:  “Most of us are mad about the blatant media bias that has favored Obama at every hand and about the $850 billion dollar bailout.  95% of the people were opposed to that and they did it anyway.  We want somebody to take notice.”

Apparently, many others felt the same way I did, and started meeting in the tea party protests across the country, and especially on April 15th, 2009, large crowds  met in towns and cities in every state, absolutely a grass roots movement, folks carrying their little handmade signs.  The media ignored us at first and later made fun of us and made ugly jokes.  The president even made light of the movement, saying, don’t pay any attention to “people waving tea bags around.”  And so now we have the town hall meetings and the American people are saying:  You have ignored us.  You have ridiculed us.  But we will be heard.

And what is the reaction from the White House?  What is the message from the Uniter, the one who said, “I may not have won your vote, but I hear your voices, and I will be your President too.”

The message from the White House this week is, “If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard.”  Reminds me of something Obama said in Philadelphia during the campaign,  “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”


REPOST from October 10, 2008:  ThePeoplesCube.com presents: A Pro-McCain march on the Upper West Side in Manhattan on Sunday, September 21, 2008. A group of McCain-Palin supporters dare to march through the Upper West Side –  greeted by boos, jeers, and flipped middle fingers.

Funny, this was on September 21st but the MSM never, ever were concerned about “rage.”   No concern by David Gergen about “incendiary” speech.  No New York Times op-ed pieces by Frank Rich. No Associated Press breaking news.  No wall to wall coverage by CNN and MSNBC and FOX as well.  No, the media storm erupted only when someone spoke angrily at a McCain/Palin rally.

And just to be clear, I don’t think it’s that anybody is angry at Obama or his supporters.  Most of us are mad about the blatant media bias that has favored Obama at every hand and about the $850 billion dollar bailout.  95% of the people were opposed to that and they did it anyway.  We want somebody to take notice.


Posted:  10.12.08  Reposted  08.07.09

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