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Rewind: What Chris Matthews was saying last July (2009) video update

(04.25.11 @ 09:26 a.m.) Well, I have finally found this video that was taken down on You Tube with these assholes calling their fellow-Americans full mooners, rocks at the bottom of the river, in the ergenous zone of insanity…….


This was obviously before the tea party sweep on November, 2010.  I think they are the insane ones.

Final Question:  Where the hell is the birth certificate?



I just love to go back and review what has been said previously and compare it with the reality of today.  This is a video of Chris Matthews and Howard Fineman ranting on about “Birthers” in late July of 2009.

Funny.  Fineman says the August recess is going to be engulfed in questions about the Obama birth certificate when the “White House wants the conversation to be about health care.”  Well, now that we know that the conversation was all about health care at all the Town Hall meetings, I’ll bet they wish it had been about the birth certificate.

He says something to the effect that the Republicans are at a very low ebb and when this happens it exposes the “rocks at the bottom of the stream.” This referring to a tea party he had attended in Kentucky.  Is there just a glimmer of that elitism showing?

Republicans at a low ebb?  My how things have changed since last July.

I don’t know what they were trying to do here, since it was they who brought up the birth certificate issue to begin with.  Were they just trying to get out in front of what they really thought would be the most troublesome aspect of the summer recess and Town Hall meetings?  MSNBC carrying the Obama water.  That bucket has gotten a whole lot heavier since last summer.  Plus, this is a very good indication of how disconnected the MSM and Washington has been and is with what is really important to the people.

As the Congress and the administration plods ahead vowing to do “for the American people” what they don’t want done.

Posted:  03.18.10

Hang tight, Mr. Stupak. Looks like the Loving Left has made his life a living hell.
I was not able to get through at his WH number, but I got an answer at one of the district offices. Here’s a bunch of numbers at his website if anyone wants to call to encourage him. http://www.house.gov/stupak/contact0507.shtml

(Well, Stupak turned out to be a low life liar.)

Updated:  04.25.11


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Fox takes top 6 in August ratings while MSNBC is calling Americans dumber than Joe the Plumber, old, angry, uneducated, and misinformed (Video)

NITE OF AUG 10, 2009

1,  FOXNEWS O'REILLY 3,814,000
2,  FOXNEWS HANNITY 3,118,000
3.  FOXNEWS BECK 2,417,000
4.  FOXNEWS GRETA 2,388,000
5.  FOXNEWS BAIER 1,988,000
6.  FOXNEWS SHEP SMITH 1,833,000
7.  MSNBC OLBERMANN 1,243,000
8.  MSNBC MADDOW 1,082,000
9.  CNNHN GRACE 875,000
11. MSNBC HARDBALL 710,000

(From Drudge)

But then, it doesn’t matter much what they say.  Nobody is watching.

He did get the angry part right.  I wonder if the poor, dumb folks will be able to find their way to the voting booth in 2010.  Yeah, I’d put money on it.

Posted:  08.12.09

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