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Leave Roland Burris Alone!

Let the man have his Senate seat and get off his back.

I really don’t know what the problem is with Mr. Burris.  If all calling for him to resign would just shut up, there would not be a problem.  And if — if — he had to walk in by himself last night as some kind of a shun, then all the Senators should be ashamed.  I absolutely hate it when someone cries race or racist, but I am beginning to wonder if that’s what it is.  First they block him from the Senate floor so he can’t be sworn in with the rest of the Senate, and now they want him to resign.


He obviously wants the position, I think he considers it an honor that he maybe has hoped, he was duly and legitimately appointed, and he seems to me to be an honorable man, so just exactly what has he done that he should resign?

And besides that, if Tim Tax Cheat Geithner can be Secretary of the Treasury and IRS, Mr. Burris can surely be a Senator.

Posted:  02.25.09

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Market not impressed with Geithner

Rewind to January 21st and hear Ron Paul’s take on Timothy Geithner as Secretary of Treasury, and the financial crisis in general.

“The system is so rotten.  He’s (Geithner) part of the problem.  He was basically in charge of the first part of the TARP fund.  So sombody takes 350 billion dollars, they mess it up, so we promote them.  And he’s generally been able to do that over his career.  Things don’t go well, he gets promoted.”

Whatever you think of Ron Paul, he is a voice crying in the wilderness and nobody is listening.  Nope, not listening.

We are in the hands of Timothy Tax Cheat Geithner.  Comforting, isn’t it?

Posted:  02.11.09


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