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The five terrorists Plus one

obama with terrorists 1Way, way, way too many similarities between these terrorists and the man in the white house.  And all his actions only prove the similarities go beyond appearance.


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Obama has crossed a line and gone way past George W. Bush

Disagreeing with the regime around here gets you called a terrorist in secret congressional meetings and in newspapers.  I would hope to God it would take more than an accusation and a secret DOJ memo…..





“The Justice Department wrote a secret memorandum authorizing the lethal targeting of Anwar al-Aulaqi, the American-born radical cleric who was killed by a U.S. drone strike Friday,….

Outside the U.S. government, President Obama’s order to kill American citizen Anwar al-Awlaki without due process has proved controversial, with experts in law and war reaching different conclusions. Inside the Obama Administration, however, disagreement was apparently absent, or so say anonymous sources quoted by the Washington Post. “The Justice Department wrote a secret memorandum authorizing the lethal targeting of Anwar al-Aulaqi, the American-born radical cleric who was killed by a U.S. drone strike Friday, according to administration officials,” the newspaper reported. “The document was produced following a review of the legal  issues raised by striking a U.S. citizen and involved senior lawyers  from across the administration. There was no dissent about the legality  of killing Aulaqi, the officials said.”


Posted:  10.03.11 @ 1:40 p.m.

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The anti-American Obama administration

Latest Anti-American outrages, compliments of the Obama Administration.

The Obama administration plans to cut 1,100 active duty personnel from the Coast Guard, the smallest of our military services. Funds for port security—our first line of defense—will be cut by $100 million.

The incoming Commandant of the Coast Guard, Admiral Robert Papp, has said he would have to consider cutting homeland security training and operations. This is tantamount to announcing to the terrorists “the coast is clear.”


Eric Holder says Osama bin Laden should get the same constitutional rights as Charles Manson.  I don’t think he should get ANY constitutional rights.  Notice how any mention of constitutional rights or American values from the mouths of anybody in this administration is in reference to terrorists?

Plus Holder says if bin Laden were caught he would have his Miranda rights read over his corpse.  So let me get this right.  He wants to execute him and then give him his rights?   He wants to treat him as a criminal defendant but kill him before his trial? I think Holder is mentally unbalanced. http://www.breitbart.tv/holder-bin-laden-has-same-rights-as-charles-manson/

The Obama administration refuses to fly the American flag at the airport in Haiti along with flags of other countries who are helping. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2796052/stars_and_stripes_absent_over_american.html?cat=9

Not even to mention the latest assault against Israel.  After bowing and scraping to dictators and emperors, this administration is showing more respect and deference to our enemies than to our allies.

Constitutional rights to terrorists on the one hand and deeming a bill passed on the other.  Only when it serves their wishes and purposes – otherwise it’s, Constitution?  What Constitution?  It’s just some pesky little procedures to be bypassed.

Posted:  03.17.10

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A look back at the Shoe Bomber, Richard Reid

Spokesmen for the Administration and other democrat voices have been quick to compare the Shoe Bomber, Richard Reid, with the Panty Bomber, trying to mitigate Obama’s lengthy delay in addressing the American people with regards to the attempted bombing.

As I have said, if he keeps working at it, he can be just like Bush..

I thought the Shoe Bomber case deserved a quick review. In so doing, I was reminded that during the summer of 2009, the Obama Administration LIFTED the Special Security Measures on Reid in response to a Hunger Strike by Reid.

So below I have a link where you can read the comments of Reid and the Judge when Reid was sentenced to a life sentence, and also something about the hunger strike of Reid in March, 2009.

Reid: ‘I am at war with your country’

Friday, January 31, 2003 Posted: 11:10 AM EST (1610 GMT)


Richard Reid
Richard Reid

(CNN) – The following is a partial transcript of Thursday’s court hearing in which Richard Reid was sentenced to life in prison for his confessed plan to try and blow up a jetliner with explosives he had hidden in his shoes. The exchange is between Reid and Judge William Young.

See transcript of Reid’s remarks and the sentencing and remarks of the judge Here.

Here’s the last statement of the judge and Reid before he was escorted out to serve his sentence:

JUDGE: See that flag, Mr. Reid? That’s the flag of the United States of America. That flag will fly there long after this is all forgotten. That flag still stands for freedom. You know it always will. Custody, Mr. Officer. Stand him down.

REID: That flag will be brought down on the Day of Judgment and you will see in front of your Lord and my Lord and then we will know. (Whereupon the defendant was removed from the courtroom.)

Flash forward to the year of 2009. The Shoe Bomber went on a hunger strike in March of 2009, resulting in the Special Administrative Measures being lifted by the Obama Administration.

The Obama Justice Department has withdrawn the “special administrative measures” imposed at the federal prison in Colorado against “Shoe Bomber” Richard Reid, the jihadist who tried to blow up a trans-Atlantic flight in 2001.Special administrative measures (SAMs) are security directives, renewable yearly, issued by the attorney general when “there is a substantial risk that a prisoner’s communications, correspondence or contacts with persons could result in death or serious bodily injury” to others.” …

“So the would-be suicide bomber went on a hunger strike and got results: a cave-in from the Obama Justice Department.”

“Detainee policy in the Obama/Holder Justice Department is now being shaped by former Human Rights Watch lawyer Jennifer Daskal, who thinks incarceration is tantamount to torture.”

UPDATE:  Zacarias Moussaoui 51427-054 is serving a life sentence at Federal ADX Supermax prison in Florence, ColoradoRichard Reid 24079-038 also at ADX Florence, a Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado. along with Ramzi Yousef 03911-000 is at Supermax.

Nice.  They get to “fellowship.”

Posted:  01.03.10


October 5, 2010

On Tuesday Faisal Shahzad, the unrepentant Times Square bomber, joined at least 35 terrorists in America who will spend the rest of their lives behind the high walls of a super-maximum security prison in Colorado.

His life-in-prison cellmates – although they may never have any personal contact with one another – include Richard Reid, the so-called shoe bomber; Ramzi Yousef, the mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing; and Zacarias Moussaoui.

I’m not sure where the panty bomber is at this time.  Probably still getting his skin grafts.  The Ft. Hood killer?  I guess he’ll end up in Colorado also.

Shahzad and Reid both said publicly at their trials that they were at war with us.   Prisoners of war?  Prisoner at war.  35 plus of them and does anybody think they are not plotting and scheming against the country from prison?  I think we should take no prisoners.

Update:  10.21.10


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Some praise for President Bush

The Ft. Hood massacre just keeps unfolding in layers, more facts coming out each day and revealing the hearts of grieving Americans as the reality of it really hits us. Today, I was reading this touching post about the 14th victim, and I had not looked at it like this concerning the unborn child that was also killed by Monster Hasan.

While following some links related to the post, I came across this amazing, amazing article about President Bush and Laura and their private visit to Ft. Hood to offer comfort in the midst of this horrific event. It’s been almost a week now, and I think each day another layer is exposed in me as I move from one emotion to another, because honestly it was so hard to believe it was for real, it is taking a while to sink in. I’ve been shocked, numb, angry, and sad, and most of all outraged.

Some Hillary supporters here have expressed their admiration for what President Bush did for the country and for the devastated soldiers and their families at Ft. Hood. Here’s an excerpt and a link.

“”If you have been reading us for any length of time, you know that we used to make fun of “Dubya” nearly every day…parroting the same comedic bits we heard in our Democrat circles, where Bush is still, to this day, lampooned as a chimp, a bumbling idiot, and a poor, clumsy public speaker.


…..we will always be grateful for what George and Laura Bush did this week, with no media attention,when they very quietly went to Ft. Hood and met personally with the families of the victims of this terrorist attack.


The Bushes went and met privately with these families for HOURS, hugging them, holding them, comforting them.

If there are any of you out there with any connection at all to the Bushes, we implore you to give them our thanks…you tell them that a bunch of gay Hillary guys in Boystown, Chicago were wrong about the Bushes…and are deeply, deeply sorry for any jokes we told about them in the past, any bad thoughts we had about these good, good people.””

See the entire post here.  Don’t miss the comments and the Halloween 2009 post.It makes me proud to be an American and so happy to see some genuine bipartisanship, because after all, when push comes to shove, we are “One nation, under God,  indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Posted: 11.12.09


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Dick Cheney on national security – Hooray!

I like Cheney’s speech today. So good to hear somebody stand up and speak out. In so many places, I can say “he took the words right out of my mouth,” especially in the following quotes:

“”Yet for all these exacting efforts to do a hard and necessary job and to do it right, we hear from some quarters nothing but feigned outrage based on a false narrative. In my long experience in Washington, few matters have inspired so much contrived indignation and phony moralizing as the interrogation methods applied to a few captured terrorists.

I might add that people who consistently distort the truth in this way are in no position to lecture anyone about “values”…..

[I think I detect a little bit of Saul Alinsky’s Rule #4 in all the moralization – ‘ Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules,’ while all the while practicing ‘the ends justify the means’ yourself.]

…..In the category of euphemism, the prizewinning entry would be a recent editorial in a familiar newspaper that referred to terrorists we’ve captured as, quote, “abducted.” Here we have ruthless enemies of this country, stopped in their tracks by brave operatives in the service of America, and a major editorial page makes them sound like they were kidnap victims, picked up at random on their way to the movies.….

…..It is a fact that only detainees of the highest intelligence value were ever subjected to enhanced interrogation. You’ve heard endlessly about waterboarding. It happened to three terrorists. One of them was Khalid Sheikh Muhammed – the mastermind of 9/11, who has also boasted about beheading Daniel Pearl…..

…..blames America for the evil that others do…..””

I listened to both speeches and I don’t have a doubt in my mind that the terrorists are happier with POTUS’ views than with Cheney’s.

One thing about it, it is not an opinion or a theory that we have not been attacked again, it is a FACT.

[Has anyone noticed the POTUS does not know the proper usage of “a” and “an”?  He also called the Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, William Gates.  Wouldn’t bring it up except that he’s so, you know, “intelligent.”  But whatever…..] 🙂

See complete transcript of Cheney’s speech Here.

Posted: 05.21.09


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