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Obama forgot to feed Tele-Prompter this morning

TOTUS is a little cranky today.

President Obama’s speech at the National Academy of Sciences this morning hit a brief snag when Obama got ahead of his script.

“In addition to John – sorry, the – I just noticed I jumped the gun here,” Obama said, pausing for several seconds as he looked at the prompter. “Go ahead. Move it up. I had already introduced all you guys.”

See Barack Obama’s Teleprompter’s Blog. Don’t miss the comments. 🙂

Posted:  04.27.09

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Obama bows to the King of Saudi Arabia, warns N. Korea

Well, Here’s President Obama bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia while mooning the United State of America.  (Is he bowing or kissing his ring?) Someone made a comment that maybe the Teleprompter is at the King’s feet.


He apologizes for the United States and calls us “arrogant.”  This brings to mind the “nation of cowards” and the “God damn, America” comments of his friends and mentors.

And the U.S. President Barack Obama on Friday sent a public warning to North Korea, calling on Pyongyang to back off plans to launch what the United States believes to be a missile.

He calls their missile launch “provocative.”  And to quote:

“Should North Korea decide to take this action, we will work uh with all interested parties in the international community to take appropriate steps uh to let North Korea know that uh it can’t uh threaten the safety and security of uh other countries with impunity,” the president said at a news conference in the French city of Strasbourg.”

Okay.  I am sure we have nothing further to worry about and that the North Koreans immediately stopped the launch.  Right?  Right.

Just please come on home, Mr. President.

Maybe someone will just lock him in the Oval Office and give him a carton of cigarettes.

Posted:  04.04.09


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TOTUS jilted for a wide-screen tv

Teleprompter of the United States left for newer, bigger, and younger model?  Worse, a wide-screen tv.

“He read that opening statement from one massive TV monitor from the back and middle of the East Room. White House officials removed the normal glass teleprompters that usually are positioned on both sides of the podium. That change likely a reaction to the focus on the President’s heavy use of teleprompters.”

TOTUS is really hurt. After the loyal service through a long and hard campaign, now that the prize is won and only one trip on Air Force One, to be kicked to the curb — or thrown under the bus — is just too much to bear.

Posted:  03.25.09


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