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Fake tea party candidate seeks to split republican vote in NY

Democrats are trying to split the republican vote in New York special election by putting up a phony tea party candidate.  These people have no bottom and you have to watch their every move.  Tea Party Express decides to take some action to spotlight this tactic.

Recent polling showed (Jack) Davis (fake tea party candidate), who has previously run for the congressional seat as a Democrat, taking 24 percent of the vote, leaving (Jane) Corwin and her Democratic opponent, Kathy Hochul, virtually tied. Davis is taking more votes from Corwin than Hochul, raising concerns among Corwin supporters.

Posted: 05.11.11 @ 2:30 p.m.


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Maxine Waters outraged over tea partiers waving American flags

Another laugh out loud display of hypocrisy

Maxine Waters just thought it was “outrageous behavior” for the tea party protesers to be loud, and laughing, and, horror of horrors,  waving American flags.  Uh huh, and she didn’t hesitate to say so on Morning Joe recently.

Why do they just keep digging and looking more and more foolish for lying against the Tea Party people?  Maxine Waters and her cohorts in Washington are just in utter desperation to discredit the movement and it has really made them lose their minds and any integrity they may have had a few shreds of.  But, hey, that’s what happens when you set out to deceive and slander.  Most of the time it backfires.

This is a must see video compilation of Ms. Waters’ own harsh words and actual outrageous behavior a few years ago being contrasted to her words  now.

CNN has a reporter embedded with the Tea Party Express bus.   See what he/she (Shannon – not sure if it’s a man or woman) has to say.


Posted:  04.07.10


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