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FLASHBACK: Birth of the Tea Party – February, 2009

The tea party started in response to TARP and then the Obama Stimulus on top of TARP.  Here is a recap of how it happened.  At the time, I was shouting at my tv, and apparently millions more were doing the same thing over this government bailoout and Rick Santelli gave public voice to this frustration.  People started organizing and meeting and the biggest grass roots movement in modern time emerged.  It was dubbed “The Tea Party” from Santelli’s reference to the Boston Tea Party in his rant.

Yes, indeed, the Founding Fathers rolled over in their graves and the Silent Majority began to speak.  The establishment corrupters and corruptees have been seething ever since.  They have tried every lie in the book to discredit it, but it has not and will not work.  The tea party influence rocked the election of 2010, electing 82 new House members and republicans taking control of the House of Representatives.  Almost took the Senate.  That remains to be done in 2012..

Some videos have been scrubbed from the net and others have been scrambled by Google/You Tube.  I just now discovered this scrambling.  

Anyhow.  Here’s a few links that goes back to the beginning


The White House responds in bullying by Robert Gibbs.

Santelli responds to White House on Kudlow below:

From my post of February 20, 2009:

Michelle Malkin, from Mesa, Arizona, yesterday where President Obama appeared, says:

“…..outside the Secret Service perimeters, a raucous grass-roots rebellion against Beltway spending binges has caught fire. The new Boston Tea Party is here, baby, and it’s doused in barbecue sauce.” See more at Michelle Malkin.com

By April, it had spread all across the country, tea party rallies everywhere:


When the mainstream media could no longer ignore it, the smear campaign began and continues to this day.  What they don’t understand is it is the American People they are smearing, you know, those dedicated Voters, who took the House of Representives for the republicans in 2010 and will take the Senate and the presidency in 2012.

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Market not impressed with Geithner

Rewind to January 21st and hear Ron Paul’s take on Timothy Geithner as Secretary of Treasury, and the financial crisis in general.

“The system is so rotten.  He’s (Geithner) part of the problem.  He was basically in charge of the first part of the TARP fund.  So sombody takes 350 billion dollars, they mess it up, so we promote them.  And he’s generally been able to do that over his career.  Things don’t go well, he gets promoted.”

Whatever you think of Ron Paul, he is a voice crying in the wilderness and nobody is listening.  Nope, not listening.

We are in the hands of Timothy Tax Cheat Geithner.  Comforting, isn’t it?

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