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Expose the left and their tactics

This from Hillbuzz:

“The imperative going forward is to show the American people exactly what they are dealing with when it comes to the Left. For whatever reason, they have never seen that before.  It’s time to think outside the box about ways to expose the Left for what it is, so they can no longer make things up and get away with it.


They do have to stop making things up.  Every lie they tell on the tea party means more eyes are opened.  Even after the election they don’t seem to realize when they smear the tea party they are smearing a huge swath of ordinary middle American citizens.

Look at this video.  This is Mark Penn, (on MSNBC) the president’s relatively new advisor.  I certainly hope he does not really think “another Oklahoma” is a good way for Obama to reconnect – like Clinton reconnected.  This is a left brain at work so maybe he does.

Posted:  01.09.11

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