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White House ruined “bi-partisan” deal on cap and tax

Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham spent months negotiating with the liberal Democratic Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts and the more moderate independent Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut in pursuit of a cap-and-trade bill loathed by conservatives.

At issue was a gasoline tax in the proposed legislation. The tax was actually supported by the gas industry for various reasons, but Graham knew if public debate centered on a “gas tax” in the bill, constituents in his conservative home state of South Carolina would be deeply unhappy.

While Graham, Lieberman and Kerry struggled with how to keep the public from realizing a gas tax was in the bill, the White House leaked to Fox News that it opposed a “gas tax” in the bill supported by Graham.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2010/10/04/obama-white-house-tanked-shot-at-bipartisan-climate-%E2%80%98cap-and-trade%E2%80%99-deal/#ixzz11RdutqPw

So which is worse, the scam-er or the scam-ee?  Why did the white house sandbag Lindsey Graham?  Did they set him up intentionally? Or is there a lot more going on here? Graham certainly does not mind disrespecting and disregarding his constituents, does he? No honor among thieves…..or weasel politicians.

Posted:  10.04.10

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“You lie!” – Well, didn’t he?

The night’s defining moment — which Democrats hope to transform into a turning point – came when Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) shouted “You lie!” as Obama claimed his plan wouldn’t offer free care to illegal immigrants.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0909/26970.html#ixzz0QhEgAvk3

Well, Rep. Joe Wilson just went from unknown to the spotlight.  Look for character assassination from the White House and the MSM.

I say:  Just get over it.  He should be glad it’s not Britain.  He’s so impressed with European!

And I’m coming down on the side of Joe Wilson.  I don’t think Mr. Wilson should have apologized.  No. At. All. Now, to quote president Obama when he accused the police of acting stupidly, maybe he could have “calibrated his words differently.”  But I think he should get a medal for saying what a lot of us are thinking.  Especially after the president had just said something about others telling lies.  He doesn’t mind calling people liars if they dare to defy him, and bullying –   “I will call you out.”

Question:  Will illegal immigrants be covered?  Was that, in fact, a lie when POTUS said they would not?

I did notice that the uninsured just went from 47 million down to 30 million.  Did he lie the first 500 times he said there were 47 million?  You darn right he did, and the 30 million figure he is using is still not an accurate number.

It really was a horrible speech showing just how small and bitter he is.

See What He Said and What He Meant.

P. S. – How quickly we forget:

“”In 2004, Democrats delivered a “Chorus Of Boos” during Bush’s State Of The Union when he called for renewal of the Patriot Act., according to the Washington Times.

In 2005, Dems howled, hissed and shouted “No!” when Bush pushed for Social Security reform in the SOU:  “Foreshadowing the contentiousness of the coming debate, Democrats broke decorum and booed twice,” according to the National Journal.””

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Governor Sanford goes down in flames (Updates)

UPDATE:  Photos of Maria @ Chickaboomer.

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, in an emotional news conference Wednesday, admitted he had been having an affair with a woman from Argentina.

The married father of four, whose whereabouts had been the object of intense speculation since last week, also resigned as chairman of the Republican Governors’ Association.

I watched the news conference today, live, beginning to end, and for some reason I find this just incredibly sad.  In some ways, in my mind, it seems to be an affair of the heart and that puts it miles away from trysts with prostitutes, or with somebody on the campaign trail, or somebody on the payroll, or an intern in the Oval Office.  He said his wife had known about it for months, but then I heard that she had asked him to leave, so it seems it was falling apart on the home front.

I just heard a few exerpts of some emails but didn’t catch it all.  (See update below).   If I’m not mistaken, the reporter who had those said he has had them since December but didn’t know if they were real or not until this came out today.  Some anonymous person had sent them to him.  So it looks like somebody has been trying to out the governor for months.

So there goes his career and probably his marriage.  I wonder if it was worth it.  He was caught red handed, but he did stand up and take it and without parading his wife in a zombie state to stand beside him.  He didn’t lie or deny, deny, deny.  I did notice that he pleaded for some privacy for the wife and children, but not for himself.

I actually wish every man who has been unfaithful to his wife would have to stand up and confess it on national tv.  No telling how many more there are who are right now involved in similar or even more tawdry shenanigans.   Lots of glass houses, especially in Washington.  Not to even mention familiar faces on mainstream news media.

I’d like to understand what it is that causes a guy who has so much going for him to risk so much.  And as he said, he did hurt and disappoint a lot of people, but as he also said, there are absolutes in life, and there are consequences.

I believe he will resign, just a guess.

UPDATE:  Found some of the emails here. What can I say? Sounds like love to me.  But how embarrassing must it be to have something so intimate become public.  Then again, he surely knew the risks he was taking.  There are consequences.

UPDATE: Her name is Maria, a 43 year old brunette.

UPDATE:  Thought about it now for a day and a half – I don’t think he should resign. I’ve seen a lot of confessions, most of them just a big show, but if this man is not showing true contrition, we’ll never see contrition.  Did he stand up to the microphone, point his finger, and with great indignation say, “I did not have sex with that woman,” that woman being a young woman half his age.  You just can’t top that.

UPDATE:  Photos of Maria @ Chickaboomer.

UPDATE: See AP interview with Mrs. Sanford.

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The first 100 days as seen from South Carolina

Eli Saslow, Washington Post staff writer, has done an excellent piece that is published in the Washington Post today.  He has written about two Obama supporters, Edith Childs and Evon Hackett and how their first 100 days of the Obama Administration has been.

Although the author probably had a different objective in mind, it does illustrate also the divide in this country which now exists and I think is growing more pronounced.  There’s a line in the sand.  There’s the Obama supporters and the rest of us.  Though they may be a little weary, they still believe Obama is the answer to the problems in the country.  We sort of think Obama is the cause of the problems and don’t at all like the direction he is taking us.  I know, he did inherit a full plate from the previous administration, but I think no worse than other presidents who have taken over from a different political party.  After all, he did know full well what he was signing up for and he wanted it very, very badly.

And the sad part is, as this article illustrates, things are not getting better but worse even after his record spending.

But Saslow writes:

“”Across the dark living room, one of Childs’s favorite pictures is displayed on a worn coffee table. It shows Childs with her arms wrapped around Barack Obama, his hand on her back, her eyes glowing. They met at a rally attended by 37 supporters on a rainy day in 2007, when Childs responded to Obama’s sluggishness on stage with an impromptu chant: “Fired up! Ready to go!” She repeated it, shouting louder each time, until Obama laughed and dipped his shoulders to the rhythm. The chant caught on. “Fired up!” people began saying at rallies. “Ready to go,” Obama chanted back. He told audiences about Childs, “a spirited little lady,” and invited her onstage at campaign appearances. By the day of his inauguration, when Childs led a busload of strangers bound for the Mall in her now-iconic chant, her transformation was complete. She was Edith Childs, fired up and ready to go.””

But the punches just keep on coming.

  • On Day 4 of his presidency, the Solutia textile plant laid off 101 workers.
  • On Day 23, the food bank set a record for meals served.
  • On Day 50, the hospital fired 200 employees and warned of further job cuts.
  • On Day 71, the school superintendent called a staff meeting and told his principals to expect changes and pay cuts.
  • On Day 78, the town’s newly elected Democratic mayor, whose campaign was inspired partly by his admiration for Obama, summarized Greenwood’s accelerating fragility. “This is crippling us, and there’s no sign of it turning around,” Welborn Adams said.
  • On Day 88, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that South Carolina had set a record for its highest unemployment rate in state history, at 11.4 percent. Greenwood’s unemployment is 13 percent.

And it was on Day 20 that Evon lost her job and she’s still looking for another one.

Read the rest of their stories Here.

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