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I DEMAND an apology from, uh, what’s his name? The guy in California

How ridiculous is it that a man gets a FAX in San Francisco and he, with his press releases, manages to smear and implicate 20 million Rush fans everywhere?  He needs to apologize and now!  People been making jokes about how other cultures talk or act since time began.

(Oh, well, stuff dissapears all the time.  Here’s a replacement:




Posted:  01.31.11


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SNL jokes about Obama’s lack of accomplishments (Video) Watch it Fast (Update)

I noticed that this video is being taken down already.  You know how touchy these “communists” are about free speech and how short they are on a sense of humor so watch it while you can.  Let’s see, it’s about 4:00 p.m.  Anybody want to place a bet on how long this one will last?

Good jokes –  not a very good impression of POTUS but pretty funny.  Be sure to watch it to the end – best part.  And wipe the froth from your mouth.  🙂

UPDATED:  I just noticed this video is down, as I expected it would be.  I found another one:

Or Here’s a link to Media Bistro showing the SNL skit  –  plus the FACT CHECK done by CNN on a comedy skit. And for that they are a real live comedy skit. When are they going to realize they look absolutely ridiculous?  They are trying real hard to catch up to MSNBC and they both are going to find it difficult to ever find their way back to any degree of credibility.

Posted:  10.04.09  Updated:  10.07.09 @8:45 p.m.


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