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Charlie Rangel and the democrat War on Guns and the south

Concerning guns, Rep. Charlie Rangel made the following statement:  “Some southern areas have cultures we have to overcome……”

Well, I beg your pardon, Mr. Rangel.  And I have heard others try to advance almost any problem, but particularly in the newly instigated war on guns, as somehow a “southern” problem.

And so I beg all y’all’s damn pardon who would seek to pin something on the south.

In the shooting tragedies of most recent prominance and brought up as examples of mass shootings are Littleton High School, Gaby Giffords’ shooting, Bat Man Movie shooting,  Sikh Temple, and, of course, Sandy Hook Elementary School.

So, let’s see –

Littleton High School – Colorado

Gaby Giffords Shooting – Arizona

Bat Man Theatre Shooting – Colorado

Sikh Temple Shooting – Wisconsin

Sandy Hook Elementary – Connecticut

Not a single southern state among them.  Not one.

There were several rallies this past Saturday to support the 2nd Amendment.  It’s interesting, the places where they were held.  Just a few:

Austin Texas, perhaps the one with most attendance Albany New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Alabama, Utah,  Arizona, Idaho, Boston Mass.,  Tennessee, Maine, Atlanta Georgia., Washington State, and others.

Two or three southern states, but mostly not.

There are people all over who are standing up in support of the Second Amendment, and it is not, as Mr. Rangel says, some kind of southern culture that needs to be overcome.

The hypocrits need to stop just making things up.

Posted:  01.22.13 A. D. @ 4:59 p.m.



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Don’t be a Puppet

Since December 14, 2012, the media,, everywhere, tv, radio, print, everywhere have been harping on gun control.  Even before the bodies were removed from the building, they launched into their propoganda.  They were much more intent on the gun issue than they were trying to get the facts right.  There was an astonishing barage of mis-information coming out from them.

Not a peep about Benghazi in the corrupt mainstream media.  Most people do not even know what that means – Benghazi.  I think it was meant as a joke, but it is seriously true, you ask the average person about Benghazi, they say Ben who?  The biggest story of the decade, the murder of four Americans, inluding the American Ambassador,  in a terrorist attack on an American Consulate in 2012 on 9/11, and there was no coverage to speak of.

The Ameerican people for the most part are being led around like  little puppy dogs or puppets on a string.  They decide what we will do and when we will do it.  If we don’t get a handle on this, they are going to lead us straight into hell.  We are at the door right now.  You can actually feel the heat and smell the stench.

Our constitutional rights are being slowly or not so slowly taken from us.  I would think every American would be alarmed.

We cannot listen to what the media are telling us and we cannot go where it is leading us.  This is because it is not about news any more, if it ever was.  It is a machine to wash your brain, to control you.

What happened to Questioning Authority?

It should make all of us infuriated to be manipulated and used by the left.  They are not for anybody but themselves.  And they are divided into maybe two parts.  There the diabolical ones who know exactly what they are doing and plan daily just exactly how they will do it.  They use us all by appealing to emotion and to the inate goodness and concern of most people.  They rip at our heart strings, using every emotion necessary from pity to envy, not for the good of the children, or the hungry, or the victims of Hurrican Sandy or Sandy Hook.  No, they do it for their own gain.  And the vile media in this country are behind them every step of the way.

Then there are the people who are used by them.  They guide us as to who to vote for, who is bad, who is good, what is accepted, what is not.

Once you see it though, they lose their power to control your mind and your actions.

Resist, question, don’t listen.  It is easy to go along with the crowd.  You get all the love and support in the world.  Look at David Gregory and Piers Morgan.  Grown men, educated men, rich men, who should stand on their own and take criticism, and the president of the United States makes a special effort to praise them, support them, give them medals, whatever good things can be bestowed, because they are following the agenda

Look at Bill Clinton, he should be fully disgraced.  I would not want to show my face in public if I had disgraced my country, my wife, my daughter, and myself as he has.  Yet, he gets awarded father of the year.

Just know that those who are constantly lauded and given a soft glove treatment are the very ones who are in the wrong.  The ones who are denegrated – mark it down – are the good guys.

Posted:  01.10.13 A D. @ 8:59 p.m.

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