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RINOs Collins, Snowe, Specter now responsible for the “Pork”

“RINO” – Republican In Name Only.

That term just hit home to me.  Now I completely understand its meaning.

J. B. Williams says it best in the Canadian Free Press.

Snowe, Collins and Specter To Side Against Taxpayers on Socialist Spending Spree

Any one of these RINOs could have stopped this pork bill.  Remember their names:

Snowe, Olympia J. – (R – ME) – (202) 224-5344
Collins, Susan M. – (R – ME) – (202) 224-2523
Specter, Arlen – (R – PA) – (202) 224-4254


And President Obama Thanks Them For Their Patriotism.

Well, I reckon. I would say they were sheep to the slaughter and should just go ahead and opt out of the Republican Party.

Every time I hear someone refer to the “stimulus package” it makes me think of this hilarious video from SNL, D… in a Box. It’s our little Valentine-Obama-Collins-Snowe-Specter-BLT and pork chop sandwich gift and aren’t we happy. 🙂

Posted: 02.11.09

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