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Breaking up is hard to do


Posted:  10.03.10

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Camille Paglia weighs in on Obama, Rush Limbaugh

Camille Paglia tells it like it is about the “orchestrated attack on Rush Limbaugh.”  I’m taking this segment out just because it echos my opinion and and gives me a chance to talk about it again.

She says of the Bash Rush Blitz that has been going on now for at least two weeks…..

“This entire fracas was set off by the president himself, who lowered his office by targeting a private citizen by name.”

She goes on the say…..

“President Obama — in whom I still have great hope and confidence — has been ill-served by his advisors and staff. Yes, they have all been blindsided and overwhelmed by the crushing demands of the presidency. But I continue to believe in citizen presidents, who must learn by doing, even in a perilous age of terrorism. Though every novice administration makes blunders and bloopers, its modus operandi should not be a conspiratorial reflex cynicism.

Case in point: The orchestrated attack on radio host Rush Limbaugh, which has made the White House look like an oafish bunch of drunken frat boys. I returned from carnival in Brazil (more on that shortly) to find the Limbaugh affair in full flower. Has the administration gone mad? This entire fracas was set off by the president himself, who lowered his office by targeting a private citizen by name. Limbaugh had every right to counterattack, which he did with gusto. Why have so many Democrats abandoned the hallowed principle of free speech? Limbaugh, like our own liberal culture hero Lenny Bruce, is a professional commentator who can be as rude and crude as he wants.”

And that is so true.  Limbaugh talks for a living and he can talk about anything he wants to.  He has worked to get where he is, and he was doing so while Obama was still in Hawaii or Indonesia and before he even hit the shores of main side USA.

Since this whole thing erupted, I started listening to Rush Limbaugh.  Frankly, three hours is way too long for me.  I lose interest, but who was it who said “I will defend to the death his right” to say whatever he wants to.  Some things I am agreeing with and some not, but I hear stuff every day all day long I don’t agree with, but that’s not the point.  And for the President of the United States to call him out by name, as he did, and for his “advisers” such as Begala, Carville, Emaunel, et al, with the help of a willing MSM, to launch a personal attack on a private citizen is just disgusting and way over the top.

What about freedom of speech?  Jim Cramer and Rush Limbaugh are private citizens who happen to have an audience, but they are not in politics, they can’t vote on anything, they don’t form policy, they talk.  So let them talk.

See Ms. Paglia’s article in Salon Here.

Posted:  03.11.09


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What’s going on with Begala, Carville, Stephanopoulos, Rahm Emanuel and Susan Rice’s husband?

This from Newsbusters on Monday.

Back on January 29, we discussed the daily strategy phone call engineered by Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel for friendly TV commentators and “reporters.” Politico reported that Emanuel has a daily phone conference call with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, and CNN’s James Carville and Paul Begala. With Rush Limbaugh’s raucous CPAC address, as he termed it his “first address to the nation,” we can see at least one example of what is likely an attack strategy resulting from the Emanuel phone session with a rush to bash Rush the day after the appearance.

And then this today:

The unholy alliance between the White House and ABC’s George Stephanopoulos goes beyond mere conference calls with President Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

The executive producer,  Ian Cameron, of ABC’s George Stephanopoulos “This Week” is married to newly-confirmed United Nations Ambassador, Susan Rice.

Did they cook up this Bash Rush Limbaugh scheme?  Some are saying they did.  Reportedly, they all talk daily.  So we have the Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel consulting? talking with?  phoning? Paul Begala, James Carville, and George Stephanopoulos every day – and we find the U. N. Ambassador, Susan Rice, is married to the Executive Producer of Stephanopoulos’ ABC program.

I don’t believe they have denied these every day “strategy” calls.  Anderson Cooper asks Begala last night if they are working with the White House as part of a concerted effort to bash Rush Limbaugh Here. I’m not sure what his answer was.  Please listen for yourself.  Guess it depends on what the meaning of “concerted” is.  Of course, Begala already called Limbaugh a corpulent drug addict so I guess that speech at CPAC just played right into their plans.

Posted:  03.05.09


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Obama lawyered up for interview with federal authorities

It’s Christmas and everybody’s busy and occupied with other things, but some pretty significant events have taken place in the past week.

For one, on last Thursday, the FBI – that’s right, the FBI – interiewed President-elect Obama, and close associates, Valerie Jarrett and Rahm Emanuel and each were represented by private counsel.

And then on Tuesday, December 23, a report by White House counsel Greg Craig was released more or less declaring no problem with respect to Obama, Jarrett, Emanuel, and the other two mentioned in the report, David Axelrod and Dr. Eric Whitaker.

But, as I said, on last Thursday, December 18, the President-elect was interiewed by federal authorities.  And it’s, oh, well, as if he coughed.     NBC New York says:

Obama was not under oath, but he was represented in the FBI interview — as well as throughout the internal review — by Bob Bauer, the shrewdly pugnacious Washington super lawyer who represented Obama’s campaign. Each of the four Obama associates referenced in the internal report also retained attorneys, although only Emanuel and Jarrett sat for interviews with U.S. attorneys and FBI agents.

Valerie Jarrett who was interviewed by federal authorities on Friday, December 19, was represented by Vince J. Connelly, a partner in the Chicago office of Mayer Brown and former prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Chicago.

Rahm Emanuel, interviewed on December 20, hired W. Neil Eggleston to represent him.  Eggleston served as an associate White House counsel under President Bill Clinton. A Washington defense attorney at Debevois & Plimpton, Eggleston represented former White House Political Director Sara Taylor during the federal probe into the 2006 dismissals of federal prosecutors.

It is unclear who represented Axelrod and Whitaker.  The report does not say, and transition sources said they did not know.

According to Politico,  they tried to contact Obama’s lawyer, Bauer, the day the internal review was released but he hung up on the reporter and then forwarded all calls to voice mail.

Some are calling for an independant investigation since the report Craig made was only one side of the story.

I mentioned in a previous post, Obama, Jarrett, and Whitaker are together in Hawaii on an extended Christmas vacation, and Rahm Emanuel is in Africa.

Posted:  12.25.08

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Obama/Blago Report Released (Updated)

The Obama/Blago report of the internal review was released about 4:30 p.m., as promised.  It is in the form of a memo to President-elect Obama, from White House Counsel, Greg Craig, dated December 23, 2008.

The report contains accounts of President-elect Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod, and Dr. Eric Whitaker.  Mr. Craig states that these accounts were communicated to the Office of the United States Attorney in interviews that were conducted last week and that the release of the report was delayed at the request of Mr. Fitzgerald.

The interviews with the federal prosecutors took place over a period of three days:  Thursday, December 18, 2008 (President-elect Obama); December 19. 2008 (Valerie Jarrett); and December 20, 2008 (Rahm Emanuel).

Dr. Eric Whitaker, a family friend, was asked for information by a member of the Governor’s circle and that account has been included in the report, even though Dr. Whitaker is not a member of the transition staff.

The complete report here.

Eric Whitaker is a new name to me.  Some interesting facts are reported by Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times on October 28, 2008, in an article entitled “Obama’s pal Eric Whitaker, his Tony Rezko tie.”

Their friendship began when they were graduate students at Harvard University. Now, Whitaker is one of Obama’s closest advisers.

Whitaker, 43, of Chicago, often travels with the presidential hopeful on the campaign trail and has vacationed with him in Hawaii. There’s talk Whitaker could be in line for a federal appointment if Obama becomes president.

Five years ago, Obama, then an Illinois state senator, gave a “glowing” reference for Whitaker to Tony Rezko, the now-convicted political fixer who helped Gov. Blagojevich find people to run state agencies. Blagojevich hired Whitaker to be the state’s public health director.

For the rest of the story Click Here

Friends of Barack – The Inner Circle

Good synopsis and screen print of the report at The Smoking Gun.

UPDATE:  Just read that Rahm Emanuel is in Africa, perhaps on Safari and, of course, Barack Obama is in Hawaii.  Could they have gotten any further away from the mainland as this shoe drops?   They should both be here to answer any and all questions about this.  I don’t think this delay, dodge, and sidestep is the hope-n-change that was promised.  The President-elect and two of his closest advisers being questioned by federal investigators is big news and it will not go away.  This should be all over the news.  But I shouldn’t be surprised it is being played down, they will cover for them.

UPDATE 2:  Well, darn, how did I miss this.  Whitaker and Jarrett are in Hawaii with Obama.

A Hawaii vacation over Christmas and New Year’s Eve has become a tradition for the Obamas and the families of three of their closest friends, Martin Nesbitt and his wife, Anita Blanchard; Eric Whitaker, and Valerie Jarrett. Obama contemplated a run for the presidency in Oahu over the holidays in 2006, telling reporters at the time that he would reveal his decision after he returned.[More Here]
Posted:  12.23.08  Updated:  12.23.08   Update 2:  12.24.08


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Emanuel Did Talk With Governor’s Office About Senate Seat

“I’m confident that no representatives of mine would have any part of any deals related to this seat”…..”What I’m absolutely certain about is that our office had no involvement around any deal-making, that I’m absolutely certain of. “

I guess the key word is “deals” but we shall see.  The Chicago Tribune is reporting there was, indeed, discussion between Rahm Emanuel and the Rod Blagojevich administration regarding a replacement for Obama’s Senate seat.

Rahm Emanuel, President-elect Barack Obama’s pick to be White House chief of staff, had conversations with Gov. Rod Blagojevich‘s administration about who would replace Obama in the U.S. Senate, the Tribune has learned.

One source confirmed that communications between Emanuel and the Blagojevich administration were captured on court-approved wiretaps.


It would be hard to imagine a closer representative of the President-elect than Rahm Emanuel, unless it would be Michelle.  He was the very first appointment.  In fact, Obama made this statement upon his appointment, this from Huffington Post

“I am pleased to announce that my good friend, Congressman Rahm Emanuel, has agreed to serve as my White House chief of staff. I announce this appointment first because the Chief of Staff is central to the ability of a President and Administration to accomplish an agenda. And no one I know is better at getting things done than Rahm Emanuel.”

Good friend.  Good at getting things done.  Countdown.  Under the Bus.  Rahm is fast becoming “not the Rahm Emanuel I knew,”  don’tcha think?

Typical Obama statements:
“I’m saddened by today’s verdict. This isn’t the Tony Rezko I knew, but now he has been convicted by a jury on multiple charges that once again shine a spotlight on the need for reform. I encourage the General Assembly to take whatever steps are necessary to prevent these kinds of abuses in the future.” – Senator Barack Obama

Obama emphasizes “the man (Jeremiah Wright) I saw yesterday was not the man I knew for 20 years.”

Has there ever been a more clueless person in the history of the world?

Read the Tribune story by Bob Secter @ http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chi-rahm-obama13dec13,0,3359611.story

Posted:  12.13.08


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Conversations Between Rahm Emanuel and Blagojevich Likely (Updated)

“I’m confident that no representatives of mine would have any part of any deals related to this seat”…..”What I’m absolutely certain about is that our office had no involvement around any deal-making, that I’m absolutely certain of. “

Fox Chicago News has learned about possible conversations between a top Obama aide and the governor regarding the open senate seat.

Craig Hall of Fox Chicago News reports that:

“A reliable source familiar with the investigation confirmed that Rahm Emanuel did, in fact, have  multple conversations with Governor Blagojevich and his chief of staff, John Harris, about the seat.  The source says there was a list of names given to the governor’s office of candidates that would be acceptable to President-elect Barack Obama.”

It is further reported that these conversations took place after the wire taps were in place and after Rahm Emanuel was appointed as Obama’s chief of staff, so the conversations are likely recorded and in the hands of the FBI.

See video:


When asked about this by a Sun Times reporter, at a concert he was attending for his kids, he wouldn’t answer, saying he was there to be a father and pushed the reporter’s recorder away.


UPDATE:  Blagojevich chief of staff, John Harris, has resigned.  He was arrested along with Blago on Tuesday and released on bond.

UPDATE:  How long before Emanuel goes under the bus?  Some give it a week. 

See this: http://therealbarackobama.wordpress.com/2008/12/12/rbo-news-views-the

Posted:  12.12.08   Update:  12.13.08

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