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New Poll: Herman Cain is republican frontrunner

Herman Cain is the new frontrunner to be the Republican nominee, according to  a Public Policy Polling poll released Wednesday that found him  leading Mitt Romney by eight points.

In the nationwide poll of likely Republican primary voters, Cain got 30  percent of the vote. Mitt Romney came in second with 22 percent, and Newt  Gingrich has made a stunning surge into third place, taking 15 percent. Rick  Perry is in fourth with 14 percent. No other candidate breaks double digits.


Cain also appears to have seized the tea party mantle. A 39 percent plurality of  self-identified tea partiers name him as their candidate of choice, while 16  percent name Gingrich, 14 percent name Perry, and 13 percent name Romney.

Read more:  http://dailycaller.com/2011/10/12/poll-cain-leads-republican-field/#ixzz1acxd1D4D

Posted:  10.12.11 @ 11:18 p.m.


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