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Bill to Hil: I got you, Babe

NBC’s Luke Russert was in Austin on Valentines Day covering the second annual Clinton Global Initiative University Meeting. Russert got a sit-down with the former president and insiders tell us at the end of the interview, Russert asked the former president what he got the Secretary of State for Valentine’s Day.

Russert: Last question. It is Valentines Day, may I ask what you got Madam Secretary?

President Clinton: Yes you can – I got her three things and the third thing I haven’t given to her yet, because she and I had to leave. I sent her a bunch of beautiful red roses. And I got her two funny little Raggedy Ann dolls singing “I Got You Babe,” the old Sonny and Cher song. And I got her a piece of jewelry, which I have not yet delivered.

Well, ain’t that sweet.  Wonder what that “piece of jewelry” is.  I saw her from Tokyo today and she looked a little haggard.

(I didn’t know Luke Russert was on NBC.)

H/T:  Media bistro/TV Newser.

Posted:  02.17.09

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