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Obama loves Arlen Specter




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Protests Against Obamacare being held this week – Update X2 (New Pics and video)

Scroll to the bottom for video and updates from St. Louis yesterday.

While you cannot depend on regular news sources to tell you about what  is happening, there are protests across America in opposition to Obamacare.  Here are just a few examples.
Today, Obama is scheduled to appear in St. Louis, and this event has been closed to the public.  (I am watching him now in Washington, D. C. introducing the president of Haiti, so I supposed he is still going to St. Louis, or not?)   It is later this evening and I guess it doesn’t take long to get there on Air Force One.

There are protests scheduled in St. Louis for today.

“This Is Your Last Best Chance to Show the President You Don’t Want Obamacare—
2 Protests Are Planned……….
–The first protest is at 9:45 AM at the St. Charles Convention Center
–The second protest is at 5:30 at the at the Renaissance Grand hotel in downtown St. Louis.”


Scenes from Monday in Philadelphia on the outside of Arcadia University where Obama was speaking:


Below is a video of a rally which was on Monday, I believe, from North Carolina protesting in front of the office of Kay Hagan, (D) N. C. Senator. This is likely representative of other locations, so all is not as cheery as they want us to believe.

I believe it all hinges on the House vote.  If it doesn’t pass the House I think it’s all over.  If it does pass the House, Obama will sign it and we have health care reform.  It may never get to the Senate for the “reconciliation.”

(Monday in North Carolina)


UPDATE 1: From Michele Malkin:  Large crowd of about 2000 people were at the morning protest in St. Louis., actually St. Charles I believe it is.
See some great pictures Here.

UPDATE 2:  Tea Party welcomes Obama to St. Louis yesterday/last night!!

See “2300 Greet Obama at St. Louis Fundraiser”.


Photos from Dana Loesch (Pronounced Lash – I recently read an article about her. She’s a young mother and one of the original tea partiers or a tea partier before there was a tea party.)

There are lots of young people in this movement. Just check out the pictures.

Huge array of pictures Here.

Posted:  03.10.10  Updated:  Yesterday and 03.11.10 @ 11:45 a.m.

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French and American First Couples

The French and American First Couples attending the G20 dinner at the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on September 24, 2009.

michelle at G22

The FLOTUS is wearing Thakoon.

New York Magazine asks: “Who is the world’s most glamorous presidential spouse?”

More importantly, after this past week, I am wondering, who is the new leader of the free world?

Posted:  09.27.09


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Senate passes disgraceful ARRP bill

What more is there to say.  We can hold THESE THREE REPUBLICAN SENATORS responsible:


Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME)


Sen. Arlen “I was not drinking wine, little lady” Specter (R-PA)


Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME)

3.5 million estimated jobs at a cost of $800 Billion

This piece of $%$# bill will cost over $220,000 PER JOB




Uppity Woman sizes it up with a list of some of the items that are in this bill – the bill that is being sold to the people as measures to stimulate the economy.  I feel sick…..

Maybe it’s that large screw going through my body.

Posted:  02.13.09


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RINOs Collins, Snowe, Specter now responsible for the “Pork”

“RINO” – Republican In Name Only.

That term just hit home to me.  Now I completely understand its meaning.

J. B. Williams says it best in the Canadian Free Press.

Snowe, Collins and Specter To Side Against Taxpayers on Socialist Spending Spree

Any one of these RINOs could have stopped this pork bill.  Remember their names:

Snowe, Olympia J. – (R – ME) – (202) 224-5344
Collins, Susan M. – (R – ME) – (202) 224-2523
Specter, Arlen – (R – PA) – (202) 224-4254


And President Obama Thanks Them For Their Patriotism.

Well, I reckon. I would say they were sheep to the slaughter and should just go ahead and opt out of the Republican Party.

Every time I hear someone refer to the “stimulus package” it makes me think of this hilarious video from SNL, D… in a Box. It’s our little Valentine-Obama-Collins-Snowe-Specter-BLT and pork chop sandwich gift and aren’t we happy. 🙂

Posted: 02.11.09

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Problem solved – Murtha will take Guantanamo prisoners

Obama signs executive order closing Guantanamo this morning. Some have been wondering where the prisoners there will go but worry no more.

Rep. Rep. Jack Murtha (D-Pa) has volunteered to take them in his Pennsylvania district.

“Sure, I’d take ’em,” said Murtha, an outspoken critic of the Iraq war. “They’re no more dangerous in my district than in Guantanamo.”

Murtha added that there was “no reason not to put ’em in prisons in the United States and handle them the way they would handle any other prisoners.”

Problem solved.

Posted:  01.22.09

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