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Newsweek Editors, Meachem and Thomas, Have Conversation With Charlie Rose

This is a link to a video of the PBS Charlie Rose Show which aired on 11.05.08.  He is interviewing Jon Meachem and Evan Thomas of Newsweek. 

I tried to excerpt it, but gave up.  It is beyond interesting, though, so if you have time, please watch. 

They are having a discussion about Barack Obama, in general, remarks about the speech at Grant Park, they mention Saul Alinsky, which I have posted about previously, and they also get a little bit into their derogatory story about Governor Sarah Palin, which has now been found to be false.   Note:  Team Sarah speaking out on her behalf tonight on Fox!!  Yea. 

How many times was Obama on the cover of Newsweek during this campaign? 

They make the observation that Obama is “creepy,”  – their word, not mine.  That’s the reason I decided not to try excerpts.  It’s just better to listen in the entirety.  It’s not too long and is well worth it.


Posted:  11.07.08

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The Marijuana Hall of Fame And/Or Real Men Use Condoms


Please watch.  It’s worth it.  You will see the parade of politicians who admit using marijuana, including Senator Obama who states that he inhaled, actually he inhaled frequently, because after all, that’s the point, right?

As Chris Matthews swoons, Howard Fineman is overcome with Barack Obama’s honesty — “He seems so REAL.”  Kiss, kiss, applause, applause, giggle, giggle.

Moving on.

Okay.  Now, let’s see.  Let’s just flesh this out a little bit.   We have learned that, according to Fineman, it is an “accepted part of the culture” and pretty cool to smoke a little weed.  I guess they forgot to mention it, but according to his autobiography, Barack also did some cocaine or “blow,” in his words.  But, hey, let’s not get bogged down in messy facts like that.


Anyhow.  Moving on.  We will now learn from Joe Biden how he has been trying to tell the guys in the Community how it is NOT unmanly to use a condom.  Oh, my.  What would Al Sharpton say about this?  Oops, there’s Al in the audience.  If looks could kill…..

Posted:  08.29.08  Revised:  08.30.08


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