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Gunman fires at school board members in Panama City, Florida (video)

Another left-wing nut – He links to Media Matters in his Facebook rant
A product of class warfare? 
Tuesday’‘s Bay District School Board meeting was disrupted by a man who pulled out a gun while the meeting was in progress.  The suspect has reportedly been shot, and according to the Chief of the Panama City Police Department, has died of his injuries.  According to Panama City Police Chief John Van Etten, no one in the building other than the suspect was hurt.
More video at link below.

Read more: http://www.panhandleparade.com/index.php/mbb/article/gunman_disrupts_school_board_meeting/mbb7727220/#ixzz189E6Ik5P

Identified as Clay Duke, 56.

State prison records show Duke was charged in October 1999 with aggravated stalking, shooting or throwing a missile into a building or vehicle and obstructing justice. He was convicted and sentenced in January 2000 to five years in prison but was released in January 2004. They also show that Duke was a licensed massage therapist before his arrest.

Posted:  12.14.10


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