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Christian sentenced to death in Pakistan for blasphemy

A little love from the so-called religion of peace:

Pakistani court has sentenced 38-year-old Christian, Asia Bibi, to death under the regime’s strident blasphemy law.

Bibi was sentenced on Nov. 7 under Section 295-C of Pakistan’s Criminal Code. Section 295-C provides that anyone convicted of blasphemy is sentenced to either life in prison or death.


However, Racho explained that (even an) acquittal in Pakistan doesn’t always end the issue.

“In Pakistan, it’s a very complicated situation. Let’s say the court acquits her, it’s not going to be enough for Asia and her family to live freely. The Muslim world is going to carry out its own vigilante justice against her,” he said. “Even if the higher court releases her, Asia and her family face the reality of possibly being killed by the Muslim mobs.


Now, please tell me, if this is the law (execution for blasphemy of Mohammad) and in addition to that “the Muslim world is going to carry out its own vigilante justice” and “killing by muslim mobs” how can it be said that this type of intolerance and hatred is not part of mainline Islam.

Would we allow such a law in the United States of America?  You know we would not.  And this is why we cannot allow not even a small measure of muslim justice to prevail in this country.  And yet muslim imam Rauf has the guts to call for tolerance for him to build a mosque at ground zero?  And they have accused us of islmaphobia.  Ridiculous.  Seems to me the whole of Islam is Christianphobic, and Americaphobic as well.  They demand tolerance they do not extend.   Not.

Posted:  11.10.10

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