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Searchin’ for the tea party for causing the earthquake

I was thinking, wondering, about the earthquake.  Who will get the blame?  This song kept ringing in my head.  Almost NEVER found it.  They hide stuff on You Tube.  Try to search for something, it’s useless.  But it’s there somewhere.

So I finally found it.

We’re searchin’, searchin’ every which away – for the tea party because I know they shook the white house yesterday.  Funny they’re almost like god.  All powerful but you can’t see them anywhere.  Where’s their headquarters?  Where are they operating from to be causing all this havoc?  Who is in charge of them, giving the orders? 

But Barack, he’s not worried.  He could have stopped it if he had wanted to.  Have you noticed the earth healing since he took over?  But he just kept right on golfing.

Anyway.  Just feeling silly today.  If you can listen to this song and not feel happy though, I just don’t know what to think.

RIP Jerry Leiber.  Does anybody write songs any more?  http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/music_blog/2011/08/jerry-leiber-appreciation-elvis-presley-mike-stoller-songwriter-who-helped-change-pop-music.html


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