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Chris Matthews: “The republicans kept their crazies in the closet”

MSNBC needs to maintain its own insane asylum and maybe let them out for an hour to do their news shows.

This from Chris Matthews is a riot.  I didn’t see this and  perhaps three or four people did, but on Thursday night, Matthews goes off the deep end comparing the republicans at the health care summit “an example of Pyongyang democracy – parroting their Dear Leader,” and saying the “crazies” were kept “in the closet.”

This is projecting to the enth degree.  Especially since his Leader is indeed the Dear Leader.

He’s off the deep end.  But wait.  I take it all back.  Judge for yourselves.

Chris Matthews, during a special post-health care summit two hour edition of Hardball on Thursday night, dissected the GOP strategy as one of keeping their “crazies” like Michele Bachman and Joe Wilson, “in the closet” and mocked that their “rehearsed” phrases made them sound like a “North Korean assembly” and exclaimed it was “an example of Pyongyang democracy, which is “What the Dear Leader told us to recite.”

It’s going to be really hard to wipe out the common sense and the facts – the truth – that the republicans put forward at the summit.

But look at this, a little truth seeps out and Chris admits Obama is a Saul Alinsky community organizer..
Posted:  02.27.10


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Obama bows to the King of Saudi Arabia, warns N. Korea

Well, Here’s President Obama bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia while mooning the United State of America.  (Is he bowing or kissing his ring?) Someone made a comment that maybe the Teleprompter is at the King’s feet.


He apologizes for the United States and calls us “arrogant.”  This brings to mind the “nation of cowards” and the “God damn, America” comments of his friends and mentors.

And the U.S. President Barack Obama on Friday sent a public warning to North Korea, calling on Pyongyang to back off plans to launch what the United States believes to be a missile.

He calls their missile launch “provocative.”  And to quote:

“Should North Korea decide to take this action, we will work uh with all interested parties in the international community to take appropriate steps uh to let North Korea know that uh it can’t uh threaten the safety and security of uh other countries with impunity,” the president said at a news conference in the French city of Strasbourg.”

Okay.  I am sure we have nothing further to worry about and that the North Koreans immediately stopped the launch.  Right?  Right.

Just please come on home, Mr. President.

Maybe someone will just lock him in the Oval Office and give him a carton of cigarettes.

Posted:  04.04.09


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Sing a Song of Obama

Our Dear Leader

These videos tell a story.  This is about the kind of Change. Happiness. Hope that I can do without.  I’d rather be sad, I’d rather be hungry.  “Yes, We Can?”  Oh, no. we. won’t!


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