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More of Cindy’s email is released, other updates

Update in the Caylee Anthony case.

I saw parts of Jane Valez-Mitchell, Nancy Grace and Greta tonight.  What seemed to be new was the discussion on Greta about the email that had been mentioned last night about the email Cindy had written.

The email was between Cindy and a person named Lois Peters.  Lois Peters had apparently organized a search for Caylee in the early days of the case and she had struck up a friendship with Cindy, I believe it was Cindy, but either Cindy or Casey, something about a bracelet being made and given as a gift.  So there was at one time a very friendly relationship but there was a falling out along the way.  I would like to know what the falling out was about, and we may find out because they are in contact with Lois Peters.  Maybe she will be able to talk to reporters at some point but right now she is having blood pressure problems in that she is getting death threats.  Now who would be doing that?  And why?

This most recent email, Cindy wrote to Lois that she would not be invited to the funeral.  Lois responded back that she did not want to be around anyone who would condone the killing of her granddaughter.  Cindy answered back that Casey did not kill Caylee and that she loved her very much and that it would be proved at trial.

It came out that there were two guys with Kronk when he supposedly discovered the body, and one of them was named but I can’t remember his name right now. (It’s David Dean).  He had gone into the woods to go to the bathroom, leaving two men by the road to wait for him.  It was that night that he made the first call to police at about 9:30 or 10:00 p.m.

The deputy who finally came out to investigate on the 13th of August has several complaints against his record and is now being investigated for his part in this case.

The psychic, Ginnette Lucas, who appeared on Nancy Grace last night has come under some credibility problems.  A woman from Virginia where Lucas lives called Kathy Belich from the tv station and said that about 20 years ago she and her sister had contact Lucas about the death of her niece.  She said Lucas took all total about $5,000 from them and never gave them any information that could be used.  When the money ran out her vibrations ceased.  The murder has still not been solved.

I still am wondering just how Kronk went out in the woods for a few minutes and found whatever he found that day on August 11th and then when the deputy came out on the 13th (Richard Cane or Crane), the area he pointed to was under water and the deputy just said, I don’t see anything, and didn’t want to go into the water.  Doesn’t make sense that Kronk would be wading around in water when he only went in the woods to relieve himself, does it?

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Roy Kronk appears on Good Morning America Today (Updated)

Roy Kronk, the utility worker who found Caylee Anthony’s remains, dismissed suggestions that he was somehow involved in the Florida toddler’s disappearance in an exclusive interview with “Good Morning America” today.

“No good deed goes unpunished,” he said. “There’s all the speculation that there were tips. Nobody tipped me off. I figured this out by myself. I’ve never even met those people [the Anthony family].”

I missed this Good Morning America appearance of Roy Kronk, but above is a video I found of the interview.  Interview starts about 2.00.

Missed part of Nancy Grace as well, but I will listen to the rerun and pick up what I can so there may be changes.  This is what I was able to get:

Ginnette Lucas, psychic, is the person PI Casey was on the phone with at the scene when he was being videoed by PI Hoover.  Something about the discrepancy in the times could be significant.  (That’s two psychics in the case so far.)

There are no plans for a public or private funeral at this time.  They are considering cremation and will release the date when available.

There was some talk about a the meter reader going there on a hunch, but I didn’t hear him say anything about a hunch in the video.  I heard him say he figured it out on his own.

Dr. Joshua Perper was asked if you can determine if remains were under water in August?  He said not really in any reliable way unless water was in the bag or the bone marrow is wet, but that would not determine a time period.

Cindy Anthony has reiterated that her daughter Casey had nothing to do with the death of Caylee.

Two questions I have from his interview above:

*Who is the “we” he is talking about?  Apparently he was not alone.

*He said the deputy did not want to go into the water.  Did Kronk go into water to discover the body?

UPDATE:  More about the psychic:  Ginnette Lucas is from Washington, D. C., and never was on the scene.  Ms. Lucas says they were talking on the phone and she was directing PI Casey where to go.  Psychic Lucas said she had contacted Dep. Allen offering her help and he was not interested.  Then she contacted PI Casey and he was interested in her help.

She had a teddy bear belonging to Caylee and she tried but could not get any info.  Then she touched a picture of Caylee and went to bed and had a dream.  Woke up and called PI Casey at about 3:00 a.m., told him to go out the front door of the Anthony house, turn right and go to an abandoned house.  She told him he should be looking for a plastic bag, white one, black one, green one as if searching for garbage.  Psychic Lucas got a little testy when questioned about her Verizon records and said she worked as a volunteer and she is NOT bragging.

Kathy Belich from the tv station said she was able today to find the abandoned house shown on the video.  And the abandoned house is owned by a Gonzalez family and abandoned about a year ago.

PI Casey’s attorney started stuttering around when he was trying to answer when he saw the video tape for the first time.

Leonard Padilla corrected himself – he said 12 feet last night – but 150 feet is correct.

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