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Pick of the Week: Tony from Tampa goes off on Obama

Rough transcript of call:  Unemployment in Tampa is 11 1/2 percent, in Hernando County it’s 14 percent and this is after a trillion dollars went down the rat hole.  And about Libya, Kadhafi is not trying to destroy the economy, Kadhafi is not driving a stake through the heart of this nation.  Kadhafi is not the problem, it’s Obama.  Not until Obama has unemployment infested my life.  For two years this miserable little turd has urinated on the working men and women of this country.  Every radical that despises this nation has been in and out of that white house.  The welcome sign is on for every radical that dispises this nation.

You go, Tony.

And I will add:  GE pays zero in taxes while Obama I hear takes his good buddy Jeffrey Immelt with him everywhere.  At the same time he is giving 2 billion dollars to Brazil so they can drill off shore and we can buy oil from them!  And he won’t allow the U. S. to drill.  Just for starters…..

Posted:  04.01.11

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