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Congressman speaks out against Mexican Calderon

Congressman Tom McClinton of California on the House floor yesterday after the disgraceful spectacle of the President of Mexico being cheered on by the mexi-democrats for lecturing this country on our immigration laws, actually taking sides against a state filled with American citizens.  About 85 percent of the American people agree with Arizona’s law.  At least Mr. McClinton did state his position here, but all after the fact, and too darned lukewarm for me.   It’s time for some passion.

This would have been a wonderful time for a little civil unrest by the republicans and any self-respecting democrats, be there any.

We are such a bunch of wusses in this country.  If we are not going to fight now, then when?  We are losing our country.  Do we not care?  Are we going to just sit by and let it happen?

Don’t forget that Calderon did not just jump up and force the speech, he was invited, wined and dined, and put up to it by the (alleged) president.

Posted:  05.21.10

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Obamas should move to Mexico – if they could get papers

President Obama spoke recently about a “spectacle” referring to finger-pointing.

Well, I’ll say what is a spectacle to me and that is the President of Mexico standing on the White House grounds complaining about our immigration laws, in particular the new Arizona law, and with our president standing there cheering him on.  Once again, Obama criticized the law and said something about “core values” which always applies to the benefit of illegals or Gitmo prisoners, or would be bombers – American values but never in his mind for Americans.


Mark Levin has posted on his web site some specifics about the laws in Mexico and the Mexican Constitution which relate to immigration into the country of Mexico.  He said we should just slap an HR on their own laws and pass it so that we could deal with them in the exact same manner.

[I just found this audio of Levin on this subject.  I love it when he yells.  He yells for me.]


Here’s just a few examples:

Foreigners with fake papers, or who enter the country under false pretenses, may be imprisoned:
– Foreigners with fake immigration papers may be fined or imprisoned. (Article 116)
– Foreigners who sign government documents “with a signature that is false or different from that which he normally uses” are subject to fine and imprisonment. (Article 116)

Under Mexican law, illegal immigration is a felony. The General Law on Population says,
– “A penalty of up to two years in prison and a fine of three hundred to five thousand pesos will be imposed on the foreigner who enters the country illegally.” (Article 123)

Mexicans who help illegal aliens enter the country are themselves considered criminals under the law:
– A Mexican who marries a foreigner with the sole objective of helping the foreigner live in the country is subject to up to five years in prison. (Article 127)

The Mexican constitution expressly forbids non-citizens to participate in the country’s political life.
Non-citizens are forbidden to participate in demonstrations or express opinions in public about domestic politics.

The Mexican constitution denies fundamental property rights to foreigners.

The Mexican constitution denies equal employment rights to immigrants, even legal ones, in the public sector.

See more details here:


Seems reasonable to me to adopt those same regulations.  And maybe the Obamas could just move down there and help Mr. Calderon clean up his country.  That is if they could get the proper papers and avoid getting locked up for illegal immigration.

I hope they all had a nice little party last night.  All that authentic Mexican food prepared by a special imported from Chicago chef who was disallowed to Tweet about his assignment.

UPDATE:  I just heard Calderon speak before the Congress.  He is now using the terminology “core values.”  Naturally, he is talking about American core values, to be used to benefit him.  And the racial profiling allegation is without merit.  To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t even think this man was from Mexico just to look at him.  I wonder if Obama’s speech writers wrote his speech for him.  This whole thing just needs to be laid to rest.  Enough stupidity.

Posted:  05.20.10  Updated:  05.20.10 @ 12:23 p.m.


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