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Very sad that suddenly here in central Florida a Confederate Statue just has to be moved.  It’s a selfish and intolerant move by people who obviously are filled with rage and hatred.  You see in the video the screaming rage on the faces of the people who want to remove this statue.3dc3130c-a17b-4c43-a1d2-efed8a978248_ddc40ed3d-28ef-44d0-8de9-2dfdca9c91e1_d

And only Nazi and ISIS type individuals tear down history.

Be careful though, get rid of all signs of the Civil War and everybody will forget there was a Civil War, and the North didn’t win, and no slaves were freed

Notice:  The South lost the war. Maybe we can revise that, too, make the South the winners?   Seems nobody is ever satisfied. There’s nothing like a sore winner.  Let us have our little flags and monuments (many are huge really) and we, unlike the agitators, will be happy.

Ever wonder why there are so many statues and monuments in the South?  Because the South was invaded and not by a band of angels.  There were hundreds if not thousands of battles all over the South.  So would anyone expect that the men would not fight back to try to protect their wives and children and protect their land?

This is Central Florida and yet Union soldiers were way down here fighting.  People died, lots of them so they deserve to be memorialized.  No, they probably were not perfect men, I’m sure they were not, but they lived in the society in which they were born.

civil war battle of gainesville

Countries are made up of people.  And people are not perfect.  I think the authors of all this unrest should maybe look into their own hearts to reflect on how they could channel their energy into something that is positive not destructive.



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Memorial service or political rally?

Some reports have said the Obama administration was behind the t-shirts.  I couldn’t find anything to indicate that, but I don’t know why we should worry about knowing anything for sure.  Obama for America probably passed them out.  Just makes sense.  Fits my conclusions.  Update: Well here we go. Straight out of Obama’s Organizing for America in 2008.

One thing for sure – there they are on the back of each and every chair.  I absolutely cannot believe that this event was not orchestrated by the Obama administration.  There is no way they were not in contact with this university president on every detail.

I can’t wait for the continuing conversation about civility.  I just hope those who have been so uncivil, i. e. the liberals and the liberal media, pay close attention.  Since all these accusations against Sarah started, death threats have increased to a record proportion.  I hope nothing happens to her.  Where is the FBI to investigate these threats?

Next, this comes under the heading of information that may or may be interesting, may or may not be relevant, may or may not be true.

The music was a strange choice for what should have been a somber occasion.  The music is one thing that makes me think the Obama people or maybe even Obama himself were managing the plans.  I do know it was deemed very important for him and his administration, and he was hoping it would be his Oklahoma City Moment.  But that music was as Obama as it gets.  That particular song, Fanfare to the Common Man, was played at his inauguration, and something that sounded much like that was used after his acceptance speech.  See:  https://bellalu0.wordpress.com/2008/11/06/what-was-that-music-at-the-end-of-obamas-acceptance-speech/

I think it’s a weird choice for a memorial service, but in reality this was not a memorial service in the classic sense.  The deceased were almost in the background, and maybe that’s the way they wanted it.

A bizarre moment was when Obama mentioned Ms. Giffords seeing for the first time.  It seemed as though he was practically saying:  I walked in the room and restored her sight.  And he liked the reaction he got so much (thunderous applause) at that point that he went back over it four times.  That may or may not mean anything but it kind of fits into his messiah self-image.

Now for some tidbits on the composer, Aaron Copland.

Deciding not to follow the example of his father, a solid Democrat, Copland never enrolled as a member of any political party, but he espoused a general progressive view and had strong ties with numerous colleagues and friends in the Popular Front, including Odets. Copland supported the Communist Party USA ticket during the 1936 presidential election,In keeping with these attitudes, Copland was a strong supporter of the Presidential candidacy of Henry A. Wallace on the Progressive Party ticket. As a result, he was later investigated by the FBI during the Red scare of the 1950s and found himself blacklisted. Copland was included on an FBI list of 151 artists thought to have Communist associations.

He began to vote Democratic, first for Stevenson and then for Kennedy.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aaron_Copland

Regardless of the composer’s political leanings, I just think it was an unusual choice of songs.  It was, all told, the strangest memorial service I have seen.  No prayer.  No minister of the gospel.   No rabbi.   I don’t know what the religion of the dead were.  I do know Ms. Giffords was Jewish.  And it appears nine-year-old Christina Green was Catholic as was Judge John Roll, so where was the priest?  Phyllis Schneck was Presbyterian and Dorwan Stoddard, Calvery Chapel (described as a Bible based church), There was this atmosphere of a political rally.  T-shirts passed out.

So, yes, I think the white house planned the ceremony top to bottom.  It was a partisan affair.  And even though Governor Brewer was there, I think she was booed.  Wonder how she felt there with Barack Obama and Eric Holder who are now SUING her.  Never mind that Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords urged them publicly not to do that.

Think about it.  You had Barack Obama, Janet Napolitano, and Eric Holder running the show.  That is not very comforting.


Posted:  01.13.11  Updated:  01.14.11 @ 12:22 p.m.


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Obama and Biden attend memorial in W. Virginia

What with a meeting with Billy Graham in the morning and the memorial service for the miners in West Virginia in the afternoon, President Obama got a good dose of that ole’ time religion yesterday.

Fox ran the memorial service uninterrupted and without narrative, so one really got a sense of how purely Christian it was with no attempt to take the guts out of it and make it “acceptable,” and also to realize just how long it was.  Leave out the media mouths and their constant anaysis of everything, it is easier to see the full picture and make up your own mind.  I think Obama and Biden get many points just for sitting through it.  But then they had to, they were last to speak.

In my opinion, they moved up in the polls a bit, at least in my poll, more for attending than for what they said.  I didn’t think they made it too political, not too bad.  The most political speech was by W. Virginia senator, Rockefeller.  And I really like the governor.  I would have some advice for Obama at this point if he by chance wanted to give some effort to being a president to all the people,  but I’m sure he wouldn’t be interested in what I had to say.

Posted:  04.26.10

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Anthonys Will Donate Toys Left as Memorial

cayleememo1 Photo by:  (Red Huber, Orlando Sentinel)

The Anthony family has decided to donate toys that have been accumulating at a makeshift memorial for Caylee Marie Anthony to the Orlando Union Rescue Mission to help children in need.

See Story Here

Posted: 12.21.08


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Russert Rainbow, God Smiled

                   “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

In a very elaborate memorial service at the Kennedy Center today (6/18/08), many important people gathered to honor Tim Russert, including the President of the United States.  He was a man well beloved and respected. 

At the end of service, they played the above version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and as they left the church there was a double rainbow in the sky.

“Outside, rain and a rumble of thunder fell over the Potomac River location of the Kennedy Center.

But, like the sunny disposition and optimism that friends time and again invoked at the memorial service, there was a silver lining in the dark clouds.

A large, bright rainbow shone over Washington, greeting mourners who left the Kennedy Center. ”

And so in this way God smiled and said, “Good job, Tim”.  What a tribute!


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