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Disgusting media bias never stops

Just today, I saw these two examples of media bias.  I am sure there are many others, as we are being blatantly or slyly brainwashed in an effort to get obama re-elected.  And, of course, there was the debate which I believe was a staged event, probably with CNN and the  obama campaign in collusion, but no probably about it, Candy disgraced herself in bias.  She was like a mom and obama like a child, crying “Candy, Candy, Candy” when he got backed into a corner due to his lies and deceptions.  And Candy comes to the rescue on cue.

Little Tommy Tucker, Sang for his supper, Ma! Ma! Poor little innocent guy.

I get this image of a little boy tugging at his mommy’s coattails.

But back to these two examples:

Again and again and again, what you always see from our corrupt media is that as soon as one of their Corrupt Narratives turns against them — all of a sudden that Corrupt Narrative suddenly vanishes from the media dialogue. For months, all we heard from our Narrative Gatekeepers was favorability, favorability, favorability. And why? Because it helped Obama.


But we don’t hear a whole lot about favorability anymore, do we?

Why is that?

Here’s why:

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has finally cleared what many aides have long seen as his biggest hurdle: A majority of voters now like him.



Us Magazine writes a story about the dresses worn by Ann Romney and Michelle Obama to the presidential debate.  Their headline reads:

“Ann Romney Wears $1,690 Oscar de la Renta Dress to Presidential Debate”

…..trying to advance the democrat/media hatefulness toward the Romneys for having money.

Yet, Michelle’s dress costs twice as much, $3,290. And that little detail was down in the story and did not rate the headline.

Now, honestly, if an issue is to be made of the cost, common sense would tell you that the one that cost the Most would rate the headline, right?  And besides that, Ann Romney bought her dress with her own money and anyway you look at it, Michelle is using money that came from the American people.

And, oh my god, I just thought of the ridiculous, stupid, childish way in which the obama media and the democrats have seized on a simple phrase about binders to try to find some negative narrative they can blast for days on end.  What an insult to women.  He made a perfectly good example of how he did a good thing in hiring women for the highest positions in his Mass cabinet, and all they can do is talk about binders?

Is there any fairness in the media?  No.  Only corruption.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/10/18/us-weekly-headline-blares-cost-ann-romney-dress-though-first-lady-cost-twice/#ixzz29nKi4r00


Posted:  10.19.12 A. D @ 8:30 p.m.

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Candy won the debate

CNN poll showed that obama won by 46 obama/39 Romney.  But on substance and issues, Romney was a clear winner.

Who would better handle the economy:  58 Romney/obama 40

Who would better handle healthcare:  49 Romney/obama 46

Who would better handle taxes:  51 Romney/obama 44

Who would better handle deficit:  50 Romney/obama 36

The whole town hall setting seemed like a grand production to me.  The audience was not undecided but on the obama’s side, as evidenced by the applause when Candy threw her considerable weight around trying to help the president.  The crowd was cold, almost hostile to Romney. This kind of town hall set up has been done before by obama, with liberal plants asking the questions.  It came across as staged and we know the questions were prescreened and preselected by Candy.

In the end, unlike the first debaate, obama got out all the usual talking points but a couple of important questions remain unanswered:

1.  Does he agree with Chu that he wants energy prices to skyrocket.

2.  How many drilling permits has he cut.

3.  Why did he say the attack in Libya was the result of a video for at least two weeks, even  saying so before the United Nations 14 days later.

4.  Why were the Americans at the consulate in Libya left with zero secuirty in spite of begging for protection.

Candy tried.  Her career as a journalist should be over as she was almost out of breath trying to knock Romney off his game.  But then it was known  beforehand that she was and is an advocate for obama.

At one point, when she was interrupting Gov. Romney, Candy said “they will run me out of town….”  Now, who would run her out of town if she did not make sure Romney did not “get away” with anything?

Why do the republicans agree to all these liberal moderators?  I’d like to see Mark Levin moderate a debate.

Posted:  10.17.12 A. D. @ 8:05 a.m.

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