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American Greed and the Corrupt American Media

There is a man named Rodney Haley formerly of Baltimore, Maryland, now serving 12 years in some federal prison somewhere for a number of crimes related to selling millions of dollars in renewable fuel credits from a total sham shell business he operated.  This is just a little drop of the fraud that has and is going on under the so called Clean Air Act or Green Energy.

This was aired tonight on CNBC’s American Greed program, which is a shocking marathon of ways in which crooks have managed to make millions conning others out of their money.

But this is not really about the outrageous crimes of Mr Haley, but more about the outrageous fraud, misleading, and deceptive news media

It was just a little thing, but is a perfect example of the way the corrupt media, in this case NBC, misrepresents and brainwashes the unsuspecting and gullible public.

In telling Mr. Haley’s story, they slip in a clip from 2005 of George W. Bush announcing something about renewable energy and then proceed to detail how this guy  easily collected  millions of dollars selling something that didn’t exist, the biofuel credit.  And it all took place during the Obama Administration and under the Obama EPA in the cesspool that is Baltimore, long after Bush had returned to Texas..

Not once was Obama’s name mentioned as presiding over this massive fraud because he must be protected at all times.  No, they had already set it up as being something to be  blamed on George W. Bush.  You would think Obama himself wrote the script because he is so expert in blaming Bush or the pentegon or Iraq or anything and anyone  for what is his own fault.  It was all approved by the Obama administration’s epa who had no intention of stopping him in any way.

Truth be told, Daley would still be carrying on with his fake business if it had not been for his neighbors who turned him in for parking numerous luxury vehicles all up and down the street in front of his house, creating a nuisance and hazard to those who lived  around him.

He should have bought him a warehouse somewhere to put his cars in, but I guess in addition to being so dishonest, he was also uncaring and disrespectful of his neighbors, thus his downfall.

My point is, listen closely to all so-called news programs or documentaries because they are filled with these little subtle tricks so easy to fall for.

The media really insults and disrespects Obama because they treat him like a mentally challenged little brother or something always jumping in to protect him



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Obama incoherent in Maryland

First, let me just say:  Drill, baby, Drill.  Drill, Drill, Drill…..

From the New York Times:

There are a few places, Mr. Obama noted with a smile, where he has not authorized drilling: the National Mall; the middle of Chesapeake Bay; or underneath the houses of the people in his audience. When politicians tell you, “Drill, Baby, Drill,” the president said to the crowd, answer, “We’re doing that. Tell me something new.”

The youthful audience responded with chants of “Yes, we can” and “Four more years,” though two people collapsed during Mr. Obama’s remarks. The president reminded people to eat, if they knew they were going to be standing for a long time.


From what I could tell, in Maryland yesterday, the president was largely incoherent and barely covering up his anger with what I suppose he thought was humor.  And as the NYT noted:  “The youthful audience responded with” cheers.   He is going to younger and younger audiences I guess because they are easily led and chant appropriately, not being old enough to have a job, support a family, or probably not even to buy their own gas.

He has a script going on for these faintings.  He says the same thing every time.  I think he uses the faintings to detract from any sign of displeasure from the crowd.  I have seen him do this before, not that I think there was any dissent among the child audience yesterday.

Posted:  03.16.12 A.D. @ 7:49 a.m.

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Heckling and Faintings at Obama rally in Maryland

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Interesting about these faintings.  He says the very same words every time this happens.  Supposedly dozens of people fell out.  I just don’t believe it.  It’s so staged, even down to the point he reaches behind the lectern for a bottle of water.  Same words, same actions.

I think he uses this to distract, as in distract from the heckler in the bottom video, so the headline will be about the fainters and faintings.  It was not very hot there, according to reports.  I guess he makes people sick.  Now, when he starts healing them….. 🙂

What was it he said?    It’s going to be hand to hand combat if republicans win in November.  His followers don’t have to be encouraged.  Notice how they roughed up the guy who dared to speak against him.

This is the president of the United States.  What an embarrassment.

Posted:  10.08.10

FLASHBACK:  Faintings from the past.

Video added:  10.17.10 @ 2:13 p.m.

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Obama, his language and medicare speech today

Well, I hear that today Obama is going to brag about this $250 they are getting ready to send to seniors in the donut hole.

First off, I don’t think there are that many who are actually in that position.  And for those that are, it means they will have to pay $4500 (I think, I know it’s a lot) in prescription meds at 100 percent of the cost, before the plan picks back up again.  So $250 is nothing – absolutely nothing.  They might as well just keep it.

These people in Washington, D. C. are either stupid or are delusional and out of touch with all reality.

So what a joke it will be for Obama to talk about how wonderful the new health care benefits are for seniors.  I am trying to be controlled and civil, but good grief, it’s just so ridiculous.

And the brochure they sent out is a very expensive print job on slick paper in full color – you would think it was advertising a Bahama vacation or something – which I doubt anyone will read because we all know it’s full of lies and misrepresentations.

Go to the link to read the article at The Hill and also the comments.  I’m not the only one who thinks this is nuts.

But, of course, that does not matter to the Obama administration and Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer and Kathleen Sebelius, and the democrat majority.  They are using strong arm tactics, out and out propaganda full of deceit, and this will not stand in America.

I am pretty angry thinking about this, but I am trying not to resort to language such as our *alleged* president has used recently on national tv for everyone to hear, young and old.  How are you going to tell your children or grandchildren to have respect for the president at this point when you have to try to explain why you won’t let them use such language and the president of the United States uses it.  I do have respect for the presidency but not this president.  None. at. all.


Posted:  06.08.10

P. S.:  And the oil is “thick as pancake batter” on the Gulf Coast shore.

I’m going to go work in the garden.  🙂

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REWIND: Obama’s first message to Republicans was, “I won”

This is just a clip of President Obama as he addressed the Republican retreat in Baltimore yesterday, or I should say as he lectured the Republicans.  As usual, this is being protrayed by the MSM with clips here and there in order to prove whatever point they are trying to make.  For anyone who did not see it live, please go to CSPAN and listen to the whole thing in order to judge it all in context.  The facial expressions are worth the price of admission.

“We have to think about tone.”

You mean kinda like this?  First message to Republicans  (Eric Cantor) was “I won.”  Emplied:  Get used to it.

Watch this video to recapture the tone that was set by the administration from the word go.

“President Obama listened to Republican gripes about his stimulus package during a meeting with congressional leaders Friday morning – but he also left no doubt about who’s in charge of these negotiations. “I won,” Obama noted matter-of-factly, according to sources familiar with the conversation.”

Prez Zings GOP Foe in a Stimulating Talk/New York Post, January 26, 2009.

So let’s tell the truth here.  It was the president’s responsibility to set the “tone,” to provide leadership. And he did.  It was not one of bi-partanship.  The democrats have the Senate and the House and the Presidency, and the tone was to get out of our way, “I won.”” Quote from Politico, January 23, 2009.

And now that the tide is turning, they want to mislead and rewrite the facts.  And that’s what the little summit was all about, to try to shift blame to the Republicans for this horrible failure of 2009, delivered by a complete democrat controlled Washington, D. C.

Not going to work.  We have a good memories.

And probably also to divert attention away from the backtrack on the Manhattan terrorist trials, which is good news, but also highlights the fact, once again, that the first reactions and instincts of the administration are flawed.

Is he giving the GOP the middle finger? Watch. Probably. He did the same to Hillary and McCain during the campaign. That’s the kind of guy he is, real classy.

If you can take it, here’s how MSNBC is playing this.

MSNBC Obama Love Fest.

Note:  Take a look at the Neilsen ratings and these three, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, and Chris Matthews are at the dead bottom of the ratings.   But they are in love and as has long been known, “love is blind.” That’s how it is, one will go to the ends of the earth to defend the object of true love.  Too bad nobody is watching.

Posted:  01.30.10


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Ron Paul on health care reform (Video)

Ron Paul was right on the economy.  So now that this health care issue is at a boiling point, it might not be a bad idea to listen to what he has to say about the health care proposal that’s in the pot.  In a nut shell he says it will make things “much worse.” He made these statements on CNN in June, but they are even more timely now.

(Things are constantly mysteriously disappearing from You Tube/Google.  I replaced the one above that was removed, but I’m not totally sure it is the same interview.)

My opinion is that since government money drives up the cost, instead of saving money, this is actually going to cost more.  And I think it is really about health insurance, not health care, and forcing every single person in the U. S. to buy health insurance. Government control, and government rationing of care – and that is why it is important to slow this thing down and get the DETAILS before the people before anything is rammed through.

Here is a link to a good question posed to Senator Cardin (D) of Maryland about the $2500 FINE per year if a person does not have health insurance.  I heard someone refer to this requirement as similar to it being against the law if a driver does not buy auto insurance.  I can just see people hauled up into court on violations, with expenses and costs piling up against those who don’t have the money to begin with.  This would be the hardest on those who make just a little too much to qualify for any assistance, making things even harder for them.

Posted: 07.21.09

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