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Geese in formation over Restoring Honor rally

Keith Olbermann was making fun of Glenn calling this a “miracle” when the geese flew over about a minute before 10:00 on Saturday.


Reminded me of this flyover of Air Force One in April of last year scaring the living daylights out of lower Manhattan —- ordered by the white house for a photo op.

Air Force One Over Manhattan

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America is the victim of 9/11…..not islam

September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City: V...

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I want to move on but the issue of the mosque keeps weighing on my mind.

The constitution allows it but mercy constrains it.  As long as there’s a mother, father, child, a family member of the dead who oppose it, it is cruel to build it.

First of all, the freedom of religion argument applies in a broad sense, but those who are on that bandwagon don’t give a damn about freedom of religion.  They know it.  They know we know it  If you will notice, it’s the very same people and media voices who are always complaining about a manger scene or somebody saying Merry Christmas, a cross on the side of the road or a hillside, forbidding the mention of the word Jesus in a prayer at a football game…..anything.  They hate religion (or at least Christianity and Judaism) so give me a break on that point.  It’s a thoroughly bogus argument anyway because they have been using the space for worship and prayer for a while now and can continue to do so until the end of time.  Oon second thought, I don’t think there is a freedom of religion issue at all.  It’s all about building the “monument.”

This is a manipulation tool much like the racial profiling was on the Arizona bill,, just a big scam to engage the emotions and prevent a rational discussion.

The president goes out, and once again, he rips open a wound that is trying to heal.  He promised to unite, but has done nothing but divide.  He seems to enjoy it.  He then goes on vacation.

I will admit that the proposed site of the Obama Ground Zero Mosque is not really on Ground Zero.  Just very, very close,  Close enough to be impacted by a large piece of the plane that flew into the south tower. Do you really think they would not build it right on top of the site if they could?  Looks like they got as close as they possibly could.

But let’s get real here.  Who are the victims in this scenario?  The victims are those poor souls who did nothing more than go to work one morning and never went home again.  And not only them but dead at the pentagon and the dead aboard the flight that went down in a Pennsylvania field – no survivors.   And as long as there is even one family member who objects to building what will look like a monument — not to the victims — but to the perpetrators, it is a cruel and callous endeavor.

They flew those planes into buildings shouting Allah Akbar, and thereby associating these perverted acts with islam forever and you would think islam somehow has been victimized.  Hardly.  If this country had been somehow persecuting islam, these men never would have been allowed in the country.  So trusting and stupid we are.  And they had to steal the planes from us that they used to exact this evil deed on America.  Box cutters and stolen planes.  I don’t think there is anybody who will deny these deeds were evil.  We tolerate different religions, but we don’t tolerate evil.

There are many mosques in NYC, at least two in lower Manhattan.  They were there, they are still there, and nobody is trying to remove them or keep any person from practicing their religion.  No. body.  And everybody knows that, too.  But to blatantly construct a new 15 story building that can have a observation deck on the southwest side or on the roof and look down onto the hole that was the world trade center is heartless on their part and defiant as well.

Will the call to prayer ring out five times a day over loud speakers? I don’t know yet whether it’s a convention center or a mosque or both.  They keep changing it. It’s just so ironic to think of the most intolerant religion on earth wanting to use our tolerance to gloat about what they did.

So the constitution allows it but honor and mercy prohibit it.  I would expect the promoters of the Cordoba Initiative/Obama Ground Zero Mosque to back off and in the spirit of peace and humility, not continue with this project.

Finally, I really would have expected the president to say something similar.  Or I would hope that he had enough compassion and understanding of the fact that this attack was the one and only attack on our homeland in history, and how there are those who are still grieving on a personal level.

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New Yorkers Terrorized by Air Force One



An eyewitness account:  Amy in Jersey City wrote “I work in the 30 Hudson building in Jersey City, on the side that faces the Statue of Liberty. Our group is on one of the top floors and needless to say we probably had some of the best views of this incident. We were conducting work as normal when all of a sudden we see this huge commerical plane coming at us. People were ducking and on the floor because it came so close. The plane flew right over us and couldn’t have missed the building by more than 100 feet. Then we heard people scream it was coming back. The plane literally looked like it was going to barrel into our building coming straight at us until it turned upwards at the last minute. I can’t believe I saw the underbelly of a plane fly over me. When it started coming back a 3rd time, we ran for the stairs. It’s safe to say we are pretty angry about having to evacuate and go down 30+ flights of stairs for a ‘photo shoot.’ What a start to the week.”


See more accounts Here.

Posted: 04.28.09

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White House requested the fly-over of Lower Manhattan

Well, mystery solved.  Who is responsible for the irresponsible fly-over?  It came straight from the White House.

The White House Military Office TOLD the FAA that it updates file photo of Air Force One near national landmarks and they wanted to update its file photo of the President’s plane near the Statue of Liberty.

And I guess the FAA responds when the White House calls them, even if it is a foggy Monday morning and scares the bejesus out of workers in highrise buildings at Ground Zero.

“”An administration official says a presidential Boeing 747 and a fighter jet flew low near ground zero in New York City Monday because the White House Military Office wanted to update its file photo of the president’s plane near the Statue of Liberty.

This official said the White House Military Office told the Federal Aviation Administration that it periodically updates file photos of Air Force One near national landmarks, like the statute in New York harbor and the Grand Canyon.””

There is something wrong with this picture.  It does not make any sense.  Has anyone ever seen a picture of Air Force One flying over the Grand Canyon or the Statue of Liberty?

See more here.

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Panic in NYC – Low flying Boeing 747 near Statue of Liberty called a “Photo Op” by FAA (Update)

“An Air Force fighter jet and one of President Barack Obama’s official planes on Monday flew low over the Statue of Liberty in an approved photo opportunity.”

O.M.G.  This video is unbelievable.  Can you imagine how terrifying this was for all those who didn’t know what was happening, which was everybody?  What in the world were they THINKING?

The FAA called it “an approved military photo op.” The White House declined to comment.

The U.S. Air Force, which operates the president’s plane, said the “aerial photo mission” involved an F-16 fighter jet escort and one of the Boeing 747s designated as Air Force One when the president is aboard. Obama was not on board.

Police said federal authorities told them not to disclose the information ahead of time but to direct inquiries to the Federal Aviation Administration.

See More Here.

UPDATE:  04.27.09 @ 10:00 p.m. – I would think this was a hoax or maybe one of those flying object films that may have been doctored, but this really happened.  And to think, what if it had been a hijacked plane or something of that nature, absolutely NOBODY even knew about it.  Bloomberg didn’t seem to know, he said he got a text message.  Robert Gibbs said he didn’t know – “what can I tell you, I don’t know.  I have no information.” It seems nobody had a clue.

Air Force One with two figher jets following.  Dear God.  Who okayed this?

Headline:  New Yorkers terrorized by Air Force One.  You can’t make it up.  🙂

I saw one version of the video of people scared and panicked in the streets and evacuating buildings.  Just watching it scares me so I can imagine had I been in lower Manhattan, the scene of the 9/11 tragedy, thinking is it happening again?  This is not a good omen really and shows an extremely high level of incompetence.  Is America safe?  Hell, no.

Even in the best of scenarios, wasn’t it insane for a 747 to fly low over NYC with two fighter jets following along?  And how much did this cost?  What was the purpose of it?  Were they making a brochure or something?  Who was taking the photo, for God’s sake?  It looked a little overcast to be taking pictures.  Actually, I don’t believe the story.  What were they doing?

White House took responsibility and apologized

Here’s the video of the reaction of the people (with sound):

See New York Post account.

An administration official says a presidential Boeing 747 and a fighter jet(s) flew low near ground zero in New York City Monday because the White House Military Office wanted to UPDATE ITS FILE PHOTO of the president’s plane near the Statue of Liberty.  You CANNOT make it up.

Posted:  04.27.09  Updated:  04.27.09


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