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Boehner and Obama, both lazy

A former Republican Congressman who worked closely with House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) during the last decade has attacked Bohner as a “lazy” lawmaker who is more interested in “golf, women, cigarettes, fun, and alcohol” than policy or legislating.


Too funny.  This is what we have running the country.  No wonder Boehner and obama can’t come to an agreement.  They are a couple of lazy bums.

Posted:  03.07.13 A. D. @ 6:47 p.m.



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Code Words #1 – Uppity

Some jackass(es)  is/are always sitting somewhere making some perfectly good English word as “aloof” to be a code word.  In this case, aloof, when applied to obama, means uppity, according to liberal interpretation.  When I hear aloof, I don’t think uppity, but then that matters not.  Just because somebody somewhere is of such a vile mind as to think that, the declaration is made.  This is the liberal mind, always claiming to read somebody’s mind when they are simply voicing their own thoughts.

Well, forget about code words.  I don’t know whether our boy president is uppity or not because I’m not sure what the definition of that is, but he is aloof and arrogant, as well as shiftless and lazy.

Sleeping?  Nah, just trying to figure out who to blame next.

Posted:  01.09.13 A. D. @ 1:52 p.m.

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