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Cooper, Amanpour, and Couric taste real violence and vitriol in Cairo

Anderson Cooper, CNN, attacked  – Christiane Amanpour, ABC, and Katie Couric, CBS, all find out what real violence and “vitriol” is all about.  This comes after their months and months of outright lies and faulty reporting with regards to the Tea Party in this country.  I wonder where Brian Williams was.  I think he is also in Cairo, but he’s probably hiding underneath a rock.   All of these people have been perched in their little ivory towers slandering their fellow-Americans.  Uh huh, it was Anderson Cooper who first slurred the Tea Party by calling us “tea baggers” and, along with the rest of them, have advanced the lies and false narrative composed by the mainstream media.  Now he gets hit up side the head 10 times over in Egypt where there’s not a single solitary “tea bagger” outside of himself, that is.  See what violence is, Anderson?

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Posted:  02.03.11

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Katie Couric pictured with White House crasher

Tareq and Michaele Salahi crashed the White House state dinner, making it all the way to Rahm Emanuel, the vice president (who is really beaming in his pic), and even the president himself.

But this is my favorite here.  Katie Couric and Tareq – or is this Michaele?  Who knows which is which.

But some people are so easily fooled.

Seems fitting to me since everything in the circle of this administration – the press and media, and democratic congress – seems to be nothing but a reality show.  We can only hope that it is not real.

By the way, Katie, what publications have you been reading lately?

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Posted:  11.28.09

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