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A Casey Hangover – Digging up bones on Judge Perry

The judge in the Casey Anthony trial has been branded by a former mistress as big a liar as Casey!

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2014389/Casey-Anthony-trial-judge-big-liar-claims-mistress.html#ixzz1S5QlJCsM


There are also some investigations ongoing for witness tampering.

And the beat goes on, and on, and on.

Posted:  07.14.11 @ 9:38 a.m.

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State rests in Casey Anthony case – Surprise defense witness revealed

The state rested its case today – leaving unanswered questions and gaping holes in the case.  Judge Perry denied the defense motion for acquittal, not surprisingly allowing the jury to decide.  I won’t go into it but the state would not want me on the jury at this point in time.

The defense adds a surprise witness to their list, Vasco Thompson, an Orlando felon convicted on kidnapping charges in 1988. who is supposed to have had cell phone contact with George Anthony.  This is very curious.  It’s hard to believe anything they say, but it is interesting.

I think the state is grasping at straws to tie the murder to Casey.  I believe it is murder and certainly not an accident, but the state did not close the deal that it was Casey that killed her.  So that still leaves the ridiculous claim of accidental drowning hanging out there.  The defense has boxed themselves into a story that does not make sense.  I’ve heard of a murder being covered up by claiming an accident, but never an accident being covered up by claiming a murder.

The Orlando Sentinel reports today:

On the same day Chief Judge Belvin Perry denied a defense motion for acquittal, Casey Anthony‘s team introduced a new person to the murder case — an Orlando felon with a violent past.

The defense team’s amended witness list now includes Vasco Thompson, an Orlando felon convicted on kidnapping charges in 1988.

Court documents show Thompson is a “recently discovered witness through the ongoing efforts of defense investigators.”

Thompson, according to the filing, “was connected to George Anthony through his cell phone records.” Records show four calls between Caylee’s grandfather and Thompson on July 14, 2008 — a day before Cindy Anthony reported Caylee’s disappearance to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.


Posted:  06.15.11 @ 8:57 a.m.


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The Casey lies flow like a river

Amazing liar.  One lie after another.  If caught in a lie, she quickly makes up another one.  No Conscience.  Psychopath.  If her defense is built on a story she tells and there is no hard evidence, she can just forget about anybody believing her.  I guess that’s the price that is finally paid, even if a truth slips out, nobody will believe it.

I do find it hard to believe that her family did not know she was a serial liar.  Cindy testified that she believed Casey because she had never given her any reason to disbelieve her.  I don’t believe that.  They were probably all co-dependant, covering for Casey on the one hand and accusing her on the other.  The only thing I see that Cindy did wrong was that she didn’t take the child from Casey instead of threatening to take her.  She might be alive today.

Some of her friends and boyfriends testified that there was a bond and love between Casey and Caylee, and this was supposed to indicate that Casey was a good mother.  To the contrary, I think that is against her.  It only makes it agonizingly sad to think how much a child depends on the care of a mother, and how horrifying the betrayal when the care turns to harm.


Posted:  06.02.11 @ 9:46 p.m.


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Drama in the court – outburst during Casey Anthony jury selection (Video)

The jury was finally sworn in today in Clearwater.  The trial will go to Orlando to begin on Monday.

But not before some drama.  Woman disrupts the proceedings with an outburst, the judge sentences her to two days for contempt of court.  She was an observer, not part of the jury pool.  She said she would never again set foot in a courtroom.  She probably won’t.

Posted:  05.20.11 @ 8:53 p.m.

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Early recess generates suspense in Casey Anthony case (Update)

Is Casey Anthony getting ready to enter a plea?  Jury selection was abruptly suspended after lunch today until 8:30 in the morning (Thursday).

Nobody seems to know what’s up.  I thought the judge seemed slightly relieved.  He was getting impatient with the slow moving jury selection and had announced the trial would begin on Monday.

Jose Baez was absent, Casey was wiping a tear from the outer corner of each of her eyes.  8:30 is early for court to start and just about enough time to take a plea, and if it falls through, they still can continue the jury selection at nine.

I’m guessing it’s a plea.  The suspense is maddening.

See Orlando Sentinel coverage:


UPDATE:  Well, Apparently it was something personal with someone.  No explanation, no plea, and jury selection continues.  In fact, they have 12 now and will choose some alternates this afternoon.

Posted:  05.18.11 @ 9:00 p.m.  Updated:  05.19.11 @ 12:27 p.m.

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Casey Anthony jury selection, second week

Usually pretty boring, the jury selection in the Casey Anthony case has had its moments.

The selection process has had its share of drama, including a jury candidate who posted his plans for writing a book on Facebook and another man was fined $450 and charged with contempt of court for talking to the media with the intent of getting out of jury duty.


More coverage:   http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/caylee-anthony/os-casey-anthony-trial-week-two-20110516,0,3416892.story

Jury selection in the computer age, they are checking for truthfulness of potential jurors.  I’ve missed a lot of it, but one guy last week said he collected music memorabilia but had no interest in crime.  In fact, he had just written a post or blog only three weeks ago about a true crime story and they even knew about books he had purchased showing an interest in true crime. I guess they had this information in advance, but when he was deceptive in his answers, he was nailed.  It is reason to pause and think about all the information there is out there just waiting for a search term.

Interesting how many they catch in a lie or a misrepresentation.  They seem to be particularly looking for a “stealth juror” who is trying to get on the juror for publicity, to write a book, with a vendetta, or other reasons.

The earliest for opening statements will be Wednesday.

Posted:  05.16.11

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