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I think Hank Jr. probably meant Boehner as Hitler and Obama as Netanyahu

I just now listened to the Hank Williams, Jr. clip.  I cannot believe there is so much uproar over this.  All he said was Boehner and Obama playing golf together was like Hitler and Netanyahu playing golf together.

It could just as easily been an analogy of Boehner as Hitler and Netanyahu as Obama.  Why would Anybody think otherwise?

So, hell, I think, if anything,  he should go ahead and Admit that’s what he meant and apologize to Boehner.  Then everybody would be just fine. 

Posted:  10.07.11 @ 1:40 a.m.

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Living in Wonderland

Let’s see, it must be a nightmare!

We’ve got the economy down the tubes, no jobs, homes foreclosed, record number on food stamps, the Attorney General running guns with the drug cartel, half a billion dollars lost to Solyndra and $5 billion more out the door to other losers and the president yawns and says hindsight is 20/20, the president ordering an American killed without due process while running around the country yelling pass this bill when his own majority leader won’t bring it up for a vote, left-wing Obama supporting slugs in the streets stopping traffic requiring overtime for law enforcement…..

And the democrats and their mouth, the media, are worried about a word on a rock painted over some 30 years ago and Hank Williams, Jr. using the word Hitler in the same sentence as our illustrious president after the tea party has been called everything from sons of bitches to terrorists, and dear god, most of all will Chris Christie run for president as masses of reporters gather?

Somebody has got to be kidding.

Posted:  10.04.11 @ 12:50 p.m.

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Obama just poured fuel on the Gates fire, what is he thinking? (Update)

Well, he just made it worse, in my opinion.

A teachable moment? How about “keep your mouth shut about an incident that is a local matter you don’t have the facts on?”

No, No, No, Crowley, do not go.  The cards are stacked against you.  You’ll have the President of the United States and his good buddy, Skip, in the room.  You don’t stand a chance with odds like that.  If Obama were a judge he would have to recuse himself because he’s already stated his opinion and that he is biased in favor of his friend.

Quote:  “Well, I should say at the outset that Skip Gates is a friend, so I may be a little biased here.”

And in his “apology,” he states, quote:  “I continue to believe, based on what I have heard, that there was an overreaction in pulling professor Gates out of his home to the station. I also continue to believe, based on what I heard, that professor Gates probably overreacted as well.”

Number one, the pulling or hauling Gates out of his home has been repeated as fact today (Saturday), why?  Because that’s what the President said.

Number two, Obama is a lawyer, he knows better than to repeat hearsay, as in “based on what I have heard.”  He stated that twice in two sentences.

He is still stirring the pot.

But I think he had the whole thing staged: An out of context question at the end of a new conference posed by a Chicago reporter? He used race thoroughout his entire campaign when he thought he could milk it.  And what would be in the news today, but for this incident? How he did not clear up anything in his long and rambling answers on health care, and that he did not get what he wanted – something by August.

He would much rather have everybody talking about race than his limp performance I am sure.  I certainly don’t buy that he is somehow surprised that the press is consumed with it.  It was a certainty that they would be.

IT HAS TO BE A PLANNED STRATEGY: Why else would the smartest man in the world make such a stupid statement about the Cambridge police? He should not have made a public comment about a misdemeanor in a small town: Number one, because Skip was a friend. Inappropriate in itself.

Number two, he does not know all the facts. Was Professor Gates pulled out of his house? He was not, I don’t believe. And guess what? He still does not know all the facts. He just admitted it at the news conference.

So now that he came out and spoke, there’s more fuel on the fire.

Never, never, never should Crowley go to the White House to have a beer. Dear God, it should never, never, never involve the President of the United States. I just can’t believe I am hearing this! If a policeman came to my house, in uniform, and I continued to yell at him after being warned, I would be handcuffed and arrested. And rightly so. But I would be saying, yes, sir, and no, sir, and what do you need me to do, sir.

UPDATE:  1.  Lynn Sweet says the thing was not planned BUT I don’t believe it.  Here’s the quote from her: “I got a call from the White House press office about 6:30 p.m. confirming I was indeed going to show up at the 8 p.m. press conference. I was told I “may” get a question from the president. No one asked me — directly or indirectly — about what I may be asking. No one from the White House tried to plant any question.”  And I say:  Yeah, right.  🙂

2.  It has also been reported that Gates was an Obama donor and that he held a fundraiser for him.  (No surprise there.  Obama said he was not only a supporter but a friend.)

3.  Side note:  The house Gates is living in rent-free belongs to Harvard and is tax exempt.

4.  And the ultimate:  I just heard Al Sharpton weigh in on it.  And that to put it bluntly makes me want to puke and means for sure that Crowley should not meet with anybody for a beer, or a waffle, or a cup of coffee, or a cigarette.   You can be sure that the president and the professor will be having a “teachable moment” all right.  And guess who will be the student?  What we have here, Rev. Al, is stereotyping, profiling, and discrimination against law enforcement.  Oh, and let’s don’t forget a rush to judgment.  🙂  I want to HEAR THE TAPE.

5.  What makes me sick beyond words is that Obama is manipulating us all, to his advantage.  I keep saying I’m not going to talk about it any more because it depresses me.  But really he just may have outsmarted himself on this one.


6.  I just found out the mayor of Cambridge is black.  Also note that the governor of Massachusetts is black, and last but not least, the President of the United States is black.

(Watch the wedding dance video.  It makes you know that all is not lost and there is a lot of room for joy and thankfulness.)

Posted: 07.24.09  Updated:  07.26.09 @ 12:56 p.m.

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President of the U. S. insults Cambridge police

The President of the United States attacks a Cambridge cop trying to do his job, saying the Cambridge police “acted stupidly.”

This is beyond the pale. Especially since he prefaced his remarks with the fact that Harvard Professor Henry Gates is a friend and that made him prejudiced in his favor and then admitting he did not have all the facts. Yet he continued to comment on it on national tv in a prime time presidential press conference.

The leader of the free world meddling in a local matter that doesn’t even rise above a misdemeanor?  If ever a question cried out for a “no comment” reply, this was it.  One would expect better judgment from the most intelligent man in the world.

Harvard Scholar Disorderly Sgt. James Crowley, Cambridge cop.

See report and great video of a short interview of Sgt Crowley and some emails and comments from a Boston station.

Also go here for a link to the Imus interview with Michael Graham this morning on this subject.

This whole thing with the question on Gates and so forth, was it staged in order to divert attention from the horrible press conference that rambled on for an hour without answering any question??  If so, well, it worked.  Well, sort of.  CNN is waiting for the Town Hall in Ohio where he will speak yet again on what will reportedly be more scare tactics on the health care issue.

Posted:  07.23.09


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Media Still Pushing “He’s nuts” (Update)

I’m listening to Alex Witt, MSNBC, and here we go again with the “insanity” references.  So I am going to make a list of the terms I have heard used to describe Blagojevich.

This is Sunday, several days now past the event, but I suppose the plan and method is to repeat, repeat, repeat – repeat it every time the story is reported so that it will sink into the minds of the viewers and thus they begin to dis-believe anything Blago says or has said because, oh, you see, he is “off his rocker.”  How stupid do they think we are?  Well, very stupid.

The way I understand it, these are criminal charges, am I right?  The only question is, “Does he know right from wrong?”  End of story.  If he knows right from wrong he is not crazy, he is not cuckoo, he is not off his rocker.  But if they get the message imbedded in as many minds as possible, then no one will believe him…..they hope.

Today, Sunday, 12.14.o8, as follows:

Alex Witt on MSNBC:

  • delusional
  • sociopath

MSNBC has gone to a doc block at noon so that’s it for them today.

But in prior days, I have heard the following terms used on various networks:

  • he’s nuts  (This was from Bob Beckel right off the bat)
  • lost his marbles
  • you have to be delusional, you have to be psychotic, you have to be truly unhinged
  • mentally unstable
  • cuckcoo
  • utterly mad
  • completely and totally off his rocker
  • erratic and delusional
  • I wonder if he has bipolar disorder
  • smoking glue or something

I’m sure there are more but these are the ones I have heard myself.

UPDATE: CNN at 7:00 p.m. – And I believe this is the only time today they have reported on the story at all on CNN, at least since noon anyway.  Nothing at all about the charges but the following terms were used:

  • mental breakdown
  • clearly something’s wrong

*Jesse, Jr. says*

  • lacks mental capacity
  • cannot perform his functions
  • violated a number of statutes
  • he’s mentally incapacitated
  • he cannot function

*Dr. Phil says*

  • mental instability is a legitimate concern
  • if allegations are true, you have to assume somebody is very anti-social, very little ability to have a conscience, don’t feel remorse, and feels utterly above the law.

Posted:  12.14.08   Updated:  12.14.08   7:00 p.m.


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