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Geraldo caught in crossfire in Libya

“Tell them not to shoot us.”¬† ūüôā

Jon Stewart does “Geraldo of Arabia”¬† See video:


Was the whole thing staged?¬† I wouldn’t be surprised.¬† I see he quickly returned to the USA.¬† He was on the Fox and Friends couch this morning.

Posted:  04.08.11



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President said his choices in Libya “a turd sandwich” (Updated w/video)

On Meet the Press, Miss Prim and Proper¬†Savannah Guthrie tells David Gregory and panel Obama described his choices on Libya “a turd sandwich.”

A caller to Rush Limbaugh today used the same word to describe Obama which is pretty funny.¬† Caller from Tampa said Obama was “a miserable little turd urinating on this country…..”¬† Maybe somebody will post a video of it, I’m looking.¬†

UPDATE:¬† Here’s the call from Tony in Tampa.¬† His exact words were, “for two years this miserable little turd has been urinating on the working men and women of this country…..”¬† (at about 1:33) and much more.¬† The whole clip is just a couple minutes long and it is what I would call an excellent call.¬† I think Tony said what a lot of people in this country are saying or at the very least thinking and he said it with no political correctness at. all.¬† Great!

I thought it accidentally slipped through, but the word has been blessed by the mainstream (and the president), so I guess it’s okay.

See what Jon Stewart did with the whole Libya thing. Hilarious.

Posted: 03.30.11  Updated:  03.31.11 @ 2:10 p.m. video added


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