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Fact-checking the corrupt obamamedia


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Morning Joe broadcast was at the White House not in the White House

Well, when I heard Morning Joe was to broadcast live this morning from the White House, I was picturing it maybe in the Oval Office or at least inside somewhere.  Instead it was outside, near the White House, in 10 degree cold (considering the chill factor).

Robert Gibbs appeared before daylight.  Looking forward to Obama’s speech tonight, Gibbs said:

“The president will talk tonight about how the legislation has already begun to save jobs throughout the country,” Gibbs said. “We do have a plan that, for the first time, addresses the millions of people who are making their payments but can’t get a refinancing.”

David Axelrod joined the set after the sun was rising and added that:

“Tonight, he has the opportunity to talk to the American people about the steps we need to take to get out of the situation we’re in,” Axelrod said. “I think he’s very confident we can do that, and he’s going to express that as well.”

I don’t why I thought this would include President Obama, but I can’t figure out what was the purpose of the whole thing.  Why did they want to camp out by the White House and broadcast the program?

See WaPo for more detail.

Robert Gibbs gave Mika and Joe a tour of the White House. Was this a part of the show or after? If it was part of the program, I missed it. See video Here.

Posted: 02.24.09

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Morning Joe to broadcast from White House Tuesday

That’s what I say.  What about this?  From the Orlando Sentinel:

What do you make of this access? “Morning Joe” will broadcast live for three hours from the White House on Tuesday morning.

MSNBC said White House press secretary Robert Gibbs and senior Obama adviser David Axelrod will preview President Barack Obama’s speech to Congress that evening.

Who else might drop by? That should be something see, and the setup will be a challenge for anchors Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski and Willie Geist.

I guess MSNBC earned the position, “Tuesday Morning Live From the White House.”  Goodness knows they worked hard enough on the Obama campaigns follo.

Gloria comments (in the comment section) in the Sentinel as follows:

“No surprise here,NBC, MSNBC have been puppets for Obama since the beginning of his running for president. They have no more credibility as a news outlet.

They are bought and paid for by Obama, the first government controlled media outlet.  Sad…very sad..”

Posted:  02.22.09


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Divine intervention in Obama’s election?

Spike Lee revealed he thought the economic difficulties plaguing the country were ordained by God to help get Barack Obama elected.  He made this revelation on Morning Joe this morning in an interview with Joe Scarborough.

Joe kind of set him up, though, in my opinion, saying, “I’ve always believed, and it seems naive, that God’s had a hand in America, and I get the sense you feel that God has had a real hand in this.”

Lee responded by saying, “So many things have happened — all of a sudden, the economy goes south at that moment, and then McCain — there were so many things.  It was almost a movement that had to be ordained, I think.”

On Sunday, Jeremiah Wright made an appearance in Washington, D. C., speaking at a chapel service at Howard University.  He thinks God had a hand in Obama’s rise, as well.

Wright hailed Obama’s inauguration as a sign of God’s providence and the fruit of “the faith of Rosa Parks and the blood of Martin Luther King Jr.”

“The Lord stepped into a scrawny black kid’s ability,” said Wright, pastor emeritus of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, in a sermon at the historically black university. “The Lord stepped into his story and gave him a new attitude. The scrawny kid with the big ears said. ‘Yes we can. I got a new attitude.'”

His sermon went on to say that God can give people a new ability, a new attitude and a new address, used Obama as a prime example. “Barack’s got a new address,” Wright said to an overflow crowd that stood and cheered. “1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”

He also threw in a little dig that Michelle Obama will be the first black woman to sleep in the White House — legally.  I’ve heard that one before.  Then he went on to say that maybe next it will be a black woman as president.

Greta interviewed Roland Burris last night in his new senate office and he was emotional about Barack Obama.  He said that he felt Obama had divine favor, when asked how he thought Obama was able to overcome so many odds and become president.

Was Barack Obama’s presidency “divinely ordained?”  What do you think?

More Here.

Posted:  01.19.09

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And Where Was the Press? Using Their “Instinct”

This you have got to see.  Joe Scarborough lays it out — finally — and good for him.  The MSM did not do their job.  That’s what many, many have been saying all along.  Watch Mika’s face.  See the video @ http://sarah-palin-2012.blogspot.com/2008/12/media-dropped-ball.html

Joe says the following on this tape:

“If Sarah Palin had run Ted Stevens’s campaign in 2002, and somebody had bragged about it in the New Yorker, the press would have savaged her.”

“I’m convicting the press because they didn’t investigate this past summer, when they were sending all those people to Wasilla, a town of 9,000, they should have been going to Chicagoland.”

“To look at the background of a candidate who had only been in national politics for one year before he decided to run for president of the United States, and was born from the most corrupt political city in America.  Do you not think, do we not think, that warranted an investigation? Not to suggest he did anything wrong, but to see what his background was?”

“But we sit here now, it’s almost Christmas, and we don’t know the truth about it. We don’t know the truth about any of this, because we haven’t done the investigative work.”

So was Barack Obama intimately involved in the campaign of Rod Blagojevich? Rahm Emanuel says he was.

But, wait, Mike Barnicle jumps in to ‘splain it:

SCARBOROUGH:  You don’t know Obama.  You can’t even tell me whether he ran the 2002 campaign of the most corrupt governor in America.

BARNICLE:  I can tell you this much: he was a state senator then, and he ran that campaign about as much as I did.

SCARBOROUGH:  Oh really?  How do you know that?

BARNICLE:  Just instinct.


Posted:  12.17.08

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MSNBC Says The Viewers Just Don’t Mind the Bias (Revised)

August 30, 2008

MSNBC is in a meltdown.  Just out: TMZ poll.  Don’t miss this chance to vote for your LEAST FAVORITE MSNBC pundit.  Least favorite — that’s putting it mildly.  They have it worded something like the most whiny and self-absorbed.  Keith Olbermann is leading the way with Chris Matthew coming in a close second.


More at:


LOS ANGELES – A mildly exasperated NBC News team Monday dismissed complaints about overcovering Barack Obama‘s Middle East trip this week as a lot of “hot air” – and also declared that MSNBC viewers don’t mind a bit if opinionated analysts like Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann anchor straight news coverage.

Neither NBC News President Steve Capus nor MSNBC commentator/anchor Keith Olbermann fully rose to the bait dangled earlier in the Television Critics Association convention by Chris Wallace of Fox News, who suggested among other things that MSNBC undercuts its own credibility by having opinion commentators anchor election night coverage.

“I don’t need to dignify” those comments with a response, said Capus. “Our audience gets it. They understand that on one night they may be playing a different role than on other nights.”

Yes, Mr. Capus, we get it all right.  We get that your coverage is just a hair short of being a campaign ad for Barack Obama.  You are not fooling anyone with your biased coverage.  But then again maybe you are.  it is not clear as to who the opinion commentators are and when they are expressing opinion or when they are acting as “serious” newscasters.  At the beginning of every single program, there should be a statement declaring to the viewers that the following presentation is by an anchor who is expressing his or her opinion, and, as a matter of fact, the entire program is close to nothing but opinion.

It is almost a joke to watch as the networks crown the presumptive nominee of the democratic party as king of America before our eyes.  I can’t wait until we all get a chance to vote.  Thank God we do get a chance to vote and I believe with all my heart that the “Chosen One” will not be elected president.


Posted:  07.22.08  Revised Post:  08.30.08


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