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A son’s defense of his father, Joe Paterno

Since I wrote a lot about this when it happened, I was interested in Jay Paterno’s account in defense of his father.

As I indicated in my earlier blogs, I saw right away what the media was doing to this man, in my opinion, to take the focus away from, not Sandusky so much, but the higher ups, especially the president of the university, who were up close and personal involved in every aspect of the mishandling of the case. It was a typical media storm, “look over here” so they can report extensively on a matter and never ever let the public know where the real problem was. I believe it was purely political, and they didn’t care one tad that they were smearing a man who his entire life apparently was above reproach. Still sickens me. It was the liberal playbook. Let everything hang out and then when it blows blame somebody else. And Graham Spanier, president of Penn State, you never heard his name! And he was the one with the real responsibility of what happened. He was president the entire time.

It concluded the email by saying this: “More than boys had been violated it seemed. A proud university’s sense of superiority and privilege and arrogance had been blown up, too.”


Using the specter of boys being violated was inappropriate. But in the headline and body of editor Joe Sexton’s story, the name Penn State appeared six times, Paterno four times, and the man charged at the time, Jerry Sandusky, zero times.


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Penn State Ex-president Spanier charged with perjury, obstruction of justice, endangering welfare of children

Maybe there will be some justice in this case since they finally got to the college officials responsible for the cover-up for over 20 years.

I doubt it will restore the damage done to Joe Paterno’s name being dragged through the mud by the corrupt media,  but at least they finally got to the culprits.

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Two Penn State administrators facing new charges they hushed up child sexual abuse allegations against former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky were preparing to be arraigned, while the university’s former president was not due in court until next week.

The arraignment of athletic director Tim Curley and vice president Gary Schultz on Friday comes a day after they and former president Graham Spanier were accused in a withering 39-page grand jury report of conspiring to conceal complaints about Sandusky, giving him time and access to molest more boys before his arrest nearly a year ago.

“This plan of action undertaken by these three administrators, who formed the very apex of decision making and power at Penn State, was created out of a desire to shield Sandusky from the criminal process and, perhaps most importantly, to spare the university tremendous negative publicity and embarrassment,” the jurors wrote.

The legal proceedings for Curley and Schultz were scheduled inside a district court in suburban Harrisburg, while Spanier’s first appearance was expected to be Wednesday.

Prosecutors alleged the men’s “conspiracy of silence” extended all the way to the top at Penn State, including decisions not to alert police or child welfare authorities after getting a 2001 report of Sandusky sexually abusing a boy in a team shower.

Attorney General Linda Kelly said at a Capitol news conference that all three “knowingly testified falsely and failed to provide important information and evidence.”

Spanier was charged with perjury, obstruction, endangering the welfare of children, failure to properly report suspected abuse and conspiracy. Curley and Schultz face new charges of endangering the welfare of children, obstruction and conspiracy. They were charged with perjury and failure to report abuse almost exactly a year ago, and await a January trial on those counts.

“This was not a mistake by these men. This was not an oversight. It was not misjudgment on their part,” Kelly said. “This was a conspiracy of silence by top officials to actively conceal the truth.” http://news.yahoo.com/charges-bring-penn-state-officials-court-063824034–spt.html

Here’s a couple posts I wrote during the peak of the media coverage.  There are some others that are interesting, especially the one about district attorney, Ray Gricar, who disappeared.



Posted:  11.02.12 A. D. @ 9:57 a.m.

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Q and A: Who gave Sandusky office space and Emeritus status at Penn State?

Q. Who gave Jerry Sandusky office space on Penn State campus?

A.  It was part of the retirement agreement between the University and Sandusky.

Quote from retirement agreement, which is an Exhibit attached to Freeh report:

“The university will permit you to use, at no charge, a locker, weight rooms, fitness facilities and training room in the East Area locker room complex.  This benefit will continue for the balance of your lifetime.”


“For a period of ten years commencing July 1 1999 and subject to renewal upon concurrence of both parties you will be given an office and a phone in the East Area Locker room complex…..”

Agreement was signed by Tim Curley and Gary Schultz along with Jerry Sandusky on June 29, 1999.  The full agreement, Exhibit 3H, can be seen in the Report.

Q.  Who granted Jerry Sandusky Emeritus status at his retirement in 1999?

A. Graham Spanier, President of Penn State

An excerpt of an email from Rodney A. Erickson, August 31, 1999:

“Let’s go ahead and grant it [emeritus status], if Graham[Spanier] has already promised it.”

Further excerpt of email by Robert Secor on Aug 31, 1999 who wrote:

 “But we are in a bind  Apparently Graham told [redacted but obviously referring to Sandusky] that we would do this, he was wholly within his rights here since the policy says “The President may grant (or deny) Emeritus Rank on an exception basis.”

I am sure there were others who had to sign off on this emeritus status, but clearly it was recommended by Graham Spanier.

Just some questions I have been wondering about.  The Report is well over 200 pages long and I have not gotten through it all yet.  The above are direct quotes from exhibits which are copies of the actual documents.


All this said to point out that although I now have heard that somehow it was Joe Paterno’s fault that Sandusky had an office and access to the campus, dammit, he didn’t have anything to do with that.

I’m just saying, there was a lot of work that went into this report, it is very detailed as to dates and events and the media should not just throw it in a corner but they need to tell the truth when they report this.  If they want to pull out a sentence here and there, there is a huge choice of sentences and quotes that can be reported on.

Posted:  07.13.12 A.D. @ 8:56 p.m.  Updated:  07.14.12 A.D. @ 10:12 a.m.

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Penn State students upset about firing of Paterno

mmmm The students at Penn State are mad at the media = furious at the media.  I think it was a CNN van they turned over.  They got it right.  Wish I had been there to help them.  Kidding, of course.

These kids know the score and they see that Paterno has been made a scapegoat, leveling all the blame at him, almost as if he was the one who did the dirty deeds.

I read the Grand Jury Report and it plainly stated that it was the head of this institution who was responsible to notify the police and the child welfare 48 hours of being notified of this offense in 2002.

Sandusky and others have barely been mentioned in the national coverage.  And though Schultz, and Curley have been charged and the President, Graham Spanier has been fired, all the blitz has been directed at the coach.

I do think it’s a shame that this old man has to leave his life’s work under a cloud that the liberal media has caused.  I wonder if he would have been fired if it had not been for this adverse coverage.  Maybe he should have been fired but I don’t think so.

I think these students know this was a witch hunt, a media hit job.  HLN is commenting that the Penn State students care more about football than they do the victims of sexual assault.  Maybe they just know who is really responsible.  Just maybe.

Meanwhile, Sandusky is out on bail probably molesting more boys.

Direct quote from the Grand Jury Report:

Although (Gary) Schultz oversaw the Univeristy Police as part of his position, he never reported the 2002 incident to the University Police or other police agency…..

The Grand Jury concludes that the sexual assault of the minor made in 2002 should have been reported to the Penn. Department of Public Welfare and/or a law enforcement agency such as the university Police or Penn State Police.  The univ by its senior staff Gary Schultz, Senior Vice President for Finance and Business and Tim Curley Athletic Director was notified by two different Penn State state employees of the alleged sexual exploitation of that youth.  Pennsylvanie mandatory reporting statute for suspected child abuse (statute #) provides that when a staff member reports abuse, pursuant to statute, the person in charge of the school or institution has the responsibility and legal obligation to report or cause such a report to be made….within 48 hours.



And I don’t even like football.

Posted:  11.10.11 @ 5:48 p.m.


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District Attorney missing since 2005 failed to prosecute Sandusky in 1998

Well, President Graham Spanier and Joe Paterno were fired last night.  Or one resigned and one was fired.

Joe Paterno has been dragged through the streets of the once mainstream media for a few days now.  And he is the one who has not been charged with anything and to me he is the least responsible.  He, Paterno, reported the 2002 incident to the Athletic Director, Tim Curley, AND to Senior Vice President, Gary Schultz.

NPR reports that:

” Gary Schultz: As Penn State’s senior vice president for finance and business which gives him oversight of university police.”

So, of course, if Schultz had oversight of the university police, the incident was effectively reported to the university police.  It was his job to TELL them.

Schultz and Curley reported it to the president of the college, Graham Spanier, who has stated he approved fully of the way they handled it, and that seemed to be the end of it, except that Sandusky was told he could not bring any boys on the campus any more..

But Jeanne Kasaris on HLN is reporting on an interesting aspect of the case (good for her) that has not been highlighted, as the media scapegoats Joe Paterno for everything, that the 1998 case was reported to authorities and the District Attorney, Ray Gricar, did not prosecute the case and it ended right there.

There are so many people responsible for this it boggles the mind, Joe Paterno being at the very bottom.

Even more interesting to me is that this same District Attorney disappeared in 2005 off the face of the earth and has not been found as of today.  He was declared legally dead last April in response to a petition by his daughter.  This really caught my attention because I follow true crime stories and have seen this disappearance story a couple of times, not realizing his connection to this case on Sandusky.

Anyway, I saw people on tv news programs last night practically shouting about how it was all Joe Paterno’s fault that this man was not stopped, when, in fact, it had previously been brought to proper authories in 1998, and, in fact, was turned over to proper authories by Paterno himself when he was told about an incident in 2002.  Gary Schultz is/was over the campus police, for goodness sakes.

Total witch hunt.  And as I said in a previous post, all of the national coverage has been focused on Paterno and with the frenzy that is a sure sign of a media hit job.

Here’s a little background on missing District Attorney Ray Gricar:  http://deadspin.com/5857966/the-mystery-of-ray-gricar-the-prosecutor-who-failed-to-prosecute-jerry-sandusky-and-who-might-be-dead


Posted:  11.10.11 @ 12:04 p.m.

P. S.:  My main point here is that of media bias and malpractice.  There is a reason why this whole thing has been hung around Paterno’s neck.  They are vicious towards him to get the attention off the president of the university who had the ultimate responsibility to inform the police or whomever.


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Media should leave Joe Paterno ALONE

I am not into football but this media frenzy about Joe Paterno looks an awful lot like another media hit job to me.

I don’t know him or anything about him, but the aura of this thing is one of a media blitz that I have come to recognize as a concentrated effort to bring somebody down or distract from something else.  They have done this to a lot of people and it is increasingly sickening to me.  There is just more to this than meets the eye.  

This morning I looked into this a little bit.  He reported this incident to the athletic director, Tim Curley, so why is not Curley’s name being blasted around.  I have not heard it once. And I am looking at this as somebody who was not really focused on the story, but just got bits and pieces here and there  so they are very adept at sticking a name in a person’s brain.  And the ONLY name you hear over and over and over is Paterno. 

I had to look this up to learn who he reported this to.  Also, there is a president of this college.  What was his responsibility?  There are a lot of people here who could have done something.  You would think it is Peterno who did the horrific act(s) the way his name is being besmirched.

Also, Sandusky has had access to the campus right along.  Where is the administration in allowing this?

Looks like Peterno has lived a long and good life to me, donating massive amounts of money.  And, finally, along about the bottom of the article I was reading, I see where Mr. Peterno is a republican.  Don’t reckon that has anything to do with the corrupt media making him the scapegoat in this situation, do you?  Just askin’.

It is Sandusky who is the criminal here, and Curley and the president of the university are responsible to have dealt with this situation, called the police, or whatever they decided to do about it.  It was their responsibility.


Posted:  11.09.11 @ 11:18 a.m.

P.S.:  I will have to back off some of this, because I see now that Tim Curley has been criminally charged, along with Schultz, some VP or director.  Joe Paterno has resigned at the end of the season.  Nevertheless, I had to search hard to find out about Curley.  His name is NOT being bandied about by the media at all.  It still sounds a lot like the media is using Paterno to deflect all the blame on, and are trying to spare these other two who have actually been charged with a crime.




Interesting from Graham Spanier, President of PSU, supporting Curley and Schultz without reservation.  http://espn.go.com/blog/bigten/post/_/id/37587/psu-president-spanier-backs-ad-curley  (Have not heard Spanier’s name mentioned at all…..)

The media is asking “what did Paterno know and when did he know it” when they should be asking Graham Spanier that question. Spanier testified before the grand jury that he approved of the way Tim Curley handled the situation. 

Not a word mentioning Graham Spanier, not one word. The questions are being asked, but not by the national media. I think they have chosen a 84 year old man as a likely target to get any spotlight off the president of this university (who is probably a liberal democrat). Just my guess.

Some people are asking, as per the following:

Curley reported the ban to Spanier, who testified to the Grand Jury that he approved of Curley’s handling of the situation.

Schultz and Curley denied to the Grand Jury that the graduate student reported “sexual conduct” “of any kind” by Sandusky. The Grand Jury did not find that testimony credible, and both are charged with perjury. 

But this is the question that Spanier must answer, and that he has thus far hid from: if Spanier knew of a situation serious enough to ban Sandusky from bringing children on campus — whether or not Spanier had explicit knowledge of sexual abuse — why was there no additional action or investigation taken by Spanier and the University? At best, it appears Spanier is guilty of profound stupidity. At worst, he appears to be guilty of willfully protecting and enabling a child molester. 

A petition has been drawn up urging the Penn State Board of Trustees to fire Spanier, and a Facebook Page called “Fire Graham Spanier” has been rapidly accumulating “likes.”


Anybody knows that once you have gone up the chain of command and advised the appropriate person or people, person could easily be fired for then turning around and calling the police.  Think about it.


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