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How did Kerry’s Iranian son-in-law meet Vanessa Kerry?

How did Kerry’s Iranian son-in-law met Vanessa Kerry? – kodoom.com – Kodoom.

kerry son in law

I did not know this. Perhaps it helps explain Kerry’s love affair with Iran.

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Our God is an Awesome God: Pray for Pastor Youcef

According to Amnesty International and Nadarkhani’s legal team, the Iranian government had offered leniency if he were to recant his Christianity. His lawyer Mohammad Ali Dadkhah stated that an appeals court upheld his sentence after he refused to renounce his Christian faith and reconvert to Islam

In early September 2012, Nadarkhani was acquitted of apostasy, but found guilty of evangelizing Muslims, though he was immediately released as having served prison time

Our God is an awesome God

He reigns from Heaven above

With wisdom power and love

Our God is an awesome God



Posted:  02.26.12 @4:34 a.m.

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Glenn Beck stands with Israel – Powerful statement (video)

Oh, this is so good.  It is not hard to tell good from evil.  The truth will set you free. 

You Tube/Google takes one down, I try again.

Not too many are bold enough to speak out with all the powers that  be out to destroy them.  He prefaced these comments by saying that he had already lost everything one time and he was not afraid of losing everything again, but was compelled to speak.

See a more complete summary of today’s show at Glenn Beck.com.

Posted:  03.29.11

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?


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Iranian demonstrators burn posters of Obama

Hardline demonstrators burn posters of U.S. President-elect Barack Obama, during a demonstration in support of the people of Gaza, in front of the Swiss Embassy in Tehran January 13, 2009. obama-iran

Reuters UK) reported January 13, 2009, 4:11 p.m. GMT from Tehran:

Dozens of Iranians burnt posters of U.S. President-elect Barack Obama in Tehran on Tuesday and waved Palestinian flags in support of Gaza, according to a witness and photographs. Iranian demonstrators have often burnt effigies or pictures of U.S. presidents in protests. This appeared to be the first time Obama’s picture had been defaced so publicly, a week before his inauguration as president.

Iran has condemned the West, and the United States in particular, for not doing more to stop Israel’s attacks on Gaza. The 18-day-old offensive, which Israel says is to stop rockets being fired at it, has killed more than 900 Palestinians.

“Where are the freedom seekers?” read one poster held up by a demonstrator at Tuesday’s protest. It had the word “Gaza” emblazoned on it and an image of a weeping Palestinian.

The demonstrators, waving Palestinian flags, some chanting “Death to Obama,” had gathered outside the Swiss embassy which handles U.S. interests because Tehran and Washington have not had diplomatic ties for nearly three decades.

Pictures obtained by Reuters showed the president-elect’s image laid on the road for cars to drive over it, and other images showed demonstrators burning the Obama poster.

The things you miss when you only get to catch the news on tv.  I didn’t hear anything at all about this going on in Iran.  Did we see these pictures?  No, I don’t think so.  I did hear someone mention that the Iranians were insulted or offended by the statement Obama made while campaigning that he would use “a big carrot and a big stick” when dealing with Iran.  They seemed to think he was referring to them as “donkeys or pack animals.”

Can you just feel the love? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duwz5y4jONE&feature=related

See RBO for more details.

Posted:  91.14.09

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