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IPAB – The Obama Death Panel

Obamacare places power in the hands of a presidential appointed 15 member board to decide what services and care are “unnecessary” for seniors.
Obama said on April 13th this was his goal.  This is the Obama Death Panel.

Why does Barack Obama want to kill old people?  Right.  Why?  Why does Barack Obama want to roll grandma off a cliff, plunging her to her death?  (Fire with fire)

So what can the next generation, retiring a decade from now, count on? The Obama health law puts those decision in the hands of an unelected board called the Independent Payment Advisory Board, a cost-cutting panel.

The board is a radical departure from Medicare as we’ve known it. Congress cedes nearly all control of Medicare spending on the rationale that budgeting decisions should be shielded from outraged seniors and political pressures.

On April 13, the president reiterated that the board would decide what care is “unnecessary” for seniors, and that he would like to see IPAB’s unprecedented powers increased.

Do you want your life in the hands of 15 people appointed by the president?  I sure as hell don’t.
This is the future with Obamacare.  Don’t believe the lies the democrats are telling, the accusations that the GOP wants to end medicare.  It is not true.  It is Obamacare that seeks to change everything, and place the lives of seniors in the hands of a death panel.

April 13, 2011 — President Obama would give additional power to an independent advisory board—one already highly unpopular with Republicans—to wring additional savings out of Medicare, according to a fact sheet the White House released in connection with the president’s speech outlining his deficit reduction proposal.

Obama wants to save $340 billion more by 2021 and $480 billion by 2023, including proposals already included in his budget proposal. He said he aims for more than $1 trillion in savings in the subsequent decade from Medicare and Medicaid.

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Posted:  05.28.11 @ 6:55 p.m.


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