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Dagen McDowell and her sister, Megan

I really like Dagen McDowell, commentator on the Fox Business Network.  She fits right in on the Imus in the Morning Program.  Here’s just a little clip for those who may not watch.

Now, we have filling in for her at times, her sister, Megan, a character created by comedy genius, Rob Bartlett.

Megan has a Facebook page:


Somebody posted on Rob’s Facebook page:

“Rob, I think I found a pic of Megan at the 7/11. What I want to know is this her good or bad side?……….LOL”

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Thank goodness it’s Friday

This is a good Friday post Here, recapping the week and it includes some terrific links. (And I said that even before I discovered that one of them is “me.” 🙂


I’ll add this link from RBP, Barackistan HQ.

Posted: 03.06.09

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