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Jared Loughner’s mother and Giffords attended same synagogue – or did they?

Just some information which may or may not be of interest and may or may not be of any significance and may or may not be true.

Amy Joanne Totman and Randy Loughner were married on April 24, 1986 in Pima County — or perhaps that’s the day they got their license, Arizona state records show. No judge is listed — perhaps suggesting they were married by clergy?

And there is a connection between Loughner and Giffords – they are both jewish and go to the same congregation, Chaverim.  I think this has come to light because Amy Loughner, Jared’s mother, has a maiden name of Totman.

Now that reminds me of Mark Potok, who may or may not be jewish, with the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Which has a connection to this case through Judge John Roll who presided over the following case:

Poverty Law Center (SPLC) report, December, 2006: “An Arizona jury, acting in a lawsuit sponsored by the Southern Poverty Law Center, ordered border vigilante Roger Barnett to pay $98,750 to a family of Mexican-Americans he terrorized in 2004.”  (The SPLC is well-known for their open borders position and bigoted and vicious attacks on those who propose to curtail illegal immigration.)

Now is Dupnik a jewish name?  I have no idea, but if it is,  Clarence Dupnik could also be a member of the Chaverim congregation where the Giffords and Amy Loughner attended.

Of course, some of this is just speculation or just my opinion, some from digging around on the internet, and some maybe just made up.  Any.body can make things up.

Mrs. Amy Loughner is also a Pima County employee, Pima County of course being the county where Dupnik is the sheriff.  So the two of them could know each other from work, or from attending the same synagogue, and they could have struck up an affair and they could actually be the parents of Jared Loughner.

I know, I know, that’s all just speculation or maybe I just made it all up, but it makes a lot more sense than blaming Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh or a few “cross hairs” on a map over a year ago for the murder of six people.

And a funny post I came across by Yid With Lid:


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U. S. government vs Arizona

Mark Levin said it days ago.  It’s a good thing we have some who will tell the truth. Unlike most everybody else yakking about it, he read the law suit.

The truth being that the suit Holder filed against Arizona does not even allege racial profiling.

After the highest of government officials, all the way up to the president, have lambasted Arizona for their immigration law, saying the law is condoning or “has the potential” of major racial profiling, Eric Holder admits yesterday his big fine law suit does not even allege racial profiling.

Of course, they all know that you can’t file a law suit alleging racial profiling unless you have an instance of it – which you can’t possibly have because the law has not even gone into effect yet.  That didn’t stop them from inciting passions about it though, did it.  It’s really unforgivable what this administration is doing, intentionally misleading and deceiving.

Mr. Holder said yesterday he MAY file a suit alleging racial profiling in six months, a year, IF there is any evidence of racial profiling.  He “floats the possibility.”  This is the breaking news after a month or so of using race to get attention.

It’s a sad day when you have the United States government filing a law suit against a state anyway – and a frivolous one at that. I think this is a really big deal. A really bad deal.

There ain’t no racial profiling!!!  The law is not even in effect yet.

They are trying to play us for a bunch of fools.


Posted:  07.12.10


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Congressman speaks out against Mexican Calderon

Congressman Tom McClinton of California on the House floor yesterday after the disgraceful spectacle of the President of Mexico being cheered on by the mexi-democrats for lecturing this country on our immigration laws, actually taking sides against a state filled with American citizens.  About 85 percent of the American people agree with Arizona’s law.  At least Mr. McClinton did state his position here, but all after the fact, and too darned lukewarm for me.   It’s time for some passion.

This would have been a wonderful time for a little civil unrest by the republicans and any self-respecting democrats, be there any.

We are such a bunch of wusses in this country.  If we are not going to fight now, then when?  We are losing our country.  Do we not care?  Are we going to just sit by and let it happen?

Don’t forget that Calderon did not just jump up and force the speech, he was invited, wined and dined, and put up to it by the (alleged) president.

Posted:  05.21.10

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Holder hasn’t read the Arizona bill SB1070

Eric Holder admits yesterday that he has not even read the Arizona immigration law, SB1070 that has been the subject of much very public criticism by him, the president, and many others.

How is it that the top lawyer in the United States has voiced his so-called concerns about a law based purely on hearsay and what he heard on the news?

It is no small thing to take on the governor of a sovereign state, siding with illegals, claiming this law is probably unconstitutional and encourages profiling, and thereby encouraging an elevated state of lawlessness on the border and within Arizona, and without even reading the about 15 pages of the law.

It surprises me, but I don’t know why it does.  These people are irresponsible.  The president himself said practically the same thing, and I doubt he has read it either.  He could have asked his Attorney General for an opinion of the law, but it is now apparent that he did not, since the AG hasn’t read the law either.

It’s not the first time this president has rushed to judgment on something he admittedly did not have the facts about.


Posted:  05.14.10


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President Obama against the State of Arizona

President Barack Obama has instructed the Justice Department to examine the Arizona law that he said threatens to “undermine basic notions of fairness.”

Unbelievable.  The President of the United States is taking the side of illegals against a sovereign state in the United States of America.  Maybe he should have Eric Holder examine the federal immigration laws and see about enforcing them.

He is sending or encouraging Al Sharpton to go down to stir up trouble.  He is himself setting up a situation where violence is actually very likely to occur, violence of illegals against American citizens.  So just whose fairness is he concerned about?  Has he forgotten that his primary duty is to protect the citizens of this country?  The Justice Department and Homeland Security is “conducting a review” of the Arizona law.  Our Justice Department and Our Department of Homeland Security, instead of supporting the citizens of Arizona, are actually standing against them.

Notice he says “notions of fairness that we cherish” – not protecting the rights of the American people, but for somebody else, who likely is not a citizen.  Other “notions Americans cherish” are freedom of speech and the right to assemble, and he has done nothing but try to shut out dissenting voices from the American people, allowing us to be slimed day in and day out, most recently the words of his ACORN friend Bertha Lewis calling the Tea Party movement a “bowel movement.”  This is referring to American citizens now mind you.  She made this and other interesting comments as she was speaking before a group called, get this –  the Young Democratic Socialists.

If you ever see President Obama move quickly in making a statement or stating a position, it is always about his concerns for citizens of some other country.  It took him about 15 minutes to come out and state he was concerned about the Arizona law being “irresponsible” when he had not even had time to read it to know what it said.  And his mouth, the media, is out there doing everything they can to stir up trouble and promote violence.

The law would not be necessary if the federal government would enforce the immigration laws already on the books.

If somebody is hurt or killed down there, it will be laid right at the feet of the President of the United States.  Instead of showing some leadership in keeping the peace, he is inciting racial and class violence.

The left stirs unrest:  And one media outlet described this as “mostly peaceful.”  After they have spent over a year now trying to portray the tea party protesters as violent.  No bias there, nah.


Posted:  04.27.10

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