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Breaking up is hard to do


Posted:  10.03.10

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Obama’s Memorial Day speech rained out

ELWOOD, Ill. – A violent thunderstorm rolled in just as President Barack Obama was to address hundreds of guests at a Memorial Day ceremony at Lincoln National Cemetery, prompting the Secret Service to pull the president from the event amid fear for his safety.

Obama, who was huddled under a white tent off to the side of the stage as the rain drove down, walked to a soaked podium holding a black umbrella, and told the service members and their families who had gathered on the grass to return to their cars for cover.

Maybe he should have gone to Arlington.
Posted:  05.31.10

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Meet the Press: Rep. Schock puts Rachel Maddow in her place

“Rachel Maddow stuns Representative Aaron Schock by calling out his spending hypocrisy.”

Well, that’s the way it was presented on Huffington Post.

When the fact is he got the last word.  Here’s the entire exchange:

MS. MADDOW: …just this week you were at a community college touting a $350,000 green technology education program, talking about how great that was going to be for your district. You voted against the bill that created that grant. And so that’s happening a lot with Republicans sort of taking credit for things that Democratic bills do, and then Republicans simultaneously touting their votes against them and trashing them. That’s, I think, a, a, a problem that needs to be resolved within, within your caucus, because, I mean, you seem like a very nice person, but that’s very hypocritical stance to take.

REP. SCHOCK: Well, Rachel, with all due respect, I can assure you Republicans were not consulted on the stimulus bill. That bill was filed at 11 PM the night before the 10:30 AM we began debating it. None of our amendments were considered. There was no debate and no bipartisanship on that bill.

MS. MADDOW: How about the…(unintelligible)?


MR. GREGORY: But to Rachel’s point, does that mean that you will not accept any federal money that comes the way of your district?

REP. SCHOCK: No. I think that argument that liberals are making is absolutely ridiculous. With all due respect, Rachel, does that mean you’re going to give back your Bush tax cuts that you continue to rail against? The fact of the matter is our country operates and govern by a majority. And I, along with almost all of my Republican colleagues and a good number of Democrats, have voted against the stimulus, the omnibus, all of this runaway spending. But we’ve lost those battles in the House. And at the end of the day, my constituents…

I guess it’s all in how you look at it, but it a ridiculous argument they are making. 

Looks like he got the last, best word in that exchange.  

This is just a perfect example of how misleading reports can be.  I did not see the Meet the Press program, so I had no idea what was on it.  And today I read the headline on Huffington Post that is above of how Rachel  “called out his spending hypocrisy.”  So from that, since I did not read the article at the time, I was left with the impression she had one-upped him.  Only after reading the entire exchange later did I realize that he got the best of her.

I thought his answer was excellent.  Did she return the Bush tax cuts even though she did not necessarily agree with them?  Of course she didn’t.

See video at Gateway Pundit.

Posted:  02.15.10


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Mother Nature is restless

(02.09.10) Another winter storm takes aim at Washington,…

A new winter storm — has the Washington area in its crosshairs. It will blow into town tonight — and could leave up to 20-inches of new snow in its wake. That’s on top of the up to 30-inches that…..

Washington paralized –  National Guard called out – too much snow for the snow plows…..

The Capitol Building is obscured by snow during whiteout conditions in Washington DC, USA, 10 February 2010.

Earthquake in Illinois.

An early morning earthquake rattled northern Illinois on Wednesday, shaking an area about 50 miles west-northwest of downtown Chicago, the U.S. Geological Survey said. The quake was originally reported as having a magnitude of 4.3, but the USGS later downgraded it to magnitude 3.8.

“And nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places…..

And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.”

Posted: 02.10.10


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CNN: Chicago is out? Chicago is out?

CNN really believes in the world they have built.  How difficult it is when reality smacks them in the face.

I know, I think it’s time to move on but I had not seen this and it’s just too good to ignore.  That little bubble they are living in just popped and is nothing but a wet spot on the floor.  Now we know just how much they actually believe in the fictional world they have created.  I guess there was no question in their minds…no question at all that Chicago would get this just because Obama had willed it.  I just read that the New York Times has scrubbed the bragging of Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, et al, prior to the vote.  It’s just that embarrassing.

Welcome to the world, a world in which Barack Hussein Obama is not bigger than God.

Posted:  10.03.09


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Obama spent at least $236,000 today just to make a speech!!

As President Barack Obama flies Monday to Chicago for a midday speech on health-care reform, the round trip on Air Force One will run about $236,000, according to government estimates of the operating costs for one of the top symbols, and perks, of the presidency.

But that does not include such expenses as Secret Service protection, motorcades and helicopter transports.

My goodness. He just got back from a town hall in Wisconsin.  Can’t he just make a speech in Washington?

See Chicago Tribune:

This is infuriating.

Posted:  06.15.09


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Nationwide tea parties underway

Protesters carrying signs and American flags participate in a tax day tea party rally at the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield, Ill., Wednesday, April 15, 2009. Protesters began gathering at state Capitols and in neighborhoods and town squares across the country Wednesday to kick off a series of tax-day protests designed to echo the rebellion of the Boston Tea Party.

Tax Day Protests

Posted:  04.15.09


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