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Weiner reluctantly leaves the stage – still thinks he has talents to contribute!

You really could say he left as arrogant or more arrogant than ever – looking for ways to contribute his “talents” and giving his parents full credit for “instilling in me the values that got me to this point.”

No sane person would make a statement like that in his situation.  What happened to his “treatment?”

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Posted:  06.18.11 @ 2:40 a.m.

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Weiner finally resigns

At last.

The first thing former U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner did following his resignation speech at a press conference in New York Thursday afternoon, was to head out for grocery shopping with his pregnant wife Huma Abedin, it has emerged.

“I saw Anthony and Huma together this evening at a King Kullen grocery store after he’d stepped down from his position,” RadarOnline.com quoted an eyewitness as saying.


Poor pregnant Huma.  At first, that’s exactly what I thought.  The mind goes immediately to her baby, to her unborn child.  But then I remembered that to a very progressive couple like the Weiners, it’s not an unborn child, not a baby, it’s a fetus.  Disposable.  Huma’s fetus.  It’s Huma’s right to choose.  Will she keep it?

Posted:  06.17.11 @ 6:23 p.m.

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More Weiner pics – this man is a picture-taking Fool

Holy Cow.  Can this get any worse?  And fool he is because he KNEW all this stuff was out there, yet lied anyway and is now hanging on waaay past his time to go.

TMZ obtained the pics Weiner took of himself using his Blackberry and a mirror. Congressional sources have confirmed with TMZ … the backdrop is indeed the House Members Gym in the basement of the Rayburn House Office Building. 

 The pics were taken on both the gym floor and in the locker room.

TMZ has confirmed the pics were sent online to at least one woman.


He definitely needs some “treatment.”  Like a jail cell for stealing tax money in a salary he did not deserve and did not earn.

And here you have his leader with a stuck teleprompter (below) – the leader of the democrat party and the leader of the free world and the one Weiner served as attack dog for.   I think they are both a fair representation of the democrat party.  They did work hand in hand (Weiner and Obama) with Weiner coming out playing bad cop for the president on Obamacare and to try to get Glenn Beck off the air – not to mention malign the tea party.

I saw one of the IM messages where Lisa from Las Vegas asked Weiner if he was still busy “saving the country from the f.cking teabaggers” to which he replid:   “Yep. Cape. Tights. Looking for my sidekick.”

Back to Obama with a stuck teleprompter:

Posted:  06.12.11 @ 2:10 p.m.


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Uncovered crotch shot of Weiner hits the web

Why do men think this is attractive?  Something about it makes me think of a cat that kills a squirrel or a bird and drags it up on the porch for all to see.  Only the cat is proud of it.  Everybody else thinks it’s disgusting.


It is just too funny to remember all Imus’ weiner and erection, uhm, election jokes.  And best I can tell through the blur Weiner has only two testicles, drooping as they are.  All absurdities wrapped up in one disgusting little man…..



(Miss ya’, Charles)


Why don’t they just blow up this picture, frame it, and hang it behind the podium in the House of Representatives.   It could represent all the pricks in congress.

National Anthem according to Weiner:  O-oh Say Can you See…..

Posted:  06.08.11

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