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FEMA found money that “averts” Reid’s threatened shutdown

Well, isn’t it amazing how FEMA suddenly found money and can make it until end of the current comtinuing resolution? Goodness Gracious, Friday Harry Reid was crying about a government shutdown.

The House demanded an accounting and passed the funding based on taking the money from other funding, which was money for electric cars and for other Solyndra type funding. They should just cut that funding in any event.

But as soon as the House passed the ball to Harry Reid’s democrat Senate, lo and behold, FEMA found some money. The Senate has tabled the House bill and passed their own bill and moved it to the House. I am not sure what is in it. Who can know?  I didn’t think the Houise of Repsentatives was in session.

OR here’s what is reported to have happened in the Senatet: 

The Senate will vote on three bills tonight: A vote on a CR with the extra FEMA funds not offset. A second vote on a clean CR. And finally the upper chamber will vote on a one-week clean CR by voice vote that the House can pass by unanimous consent.

(Hmmm now that really clears it up.)

Even as Washington establishment seeths, the republican House, thanks to the new tea party members, is having an impact. So you can plainly see who is behind all the wild spending.   And they don’t want to stop even now. They would rather threaten another government shutdown than to cut some of the “green energy” money that is being thrown about. I just wonder whose pocket all that money is going into?  Tom, Dick, or Harry?

Mitch McConnell made the following statement:

“FEMA indicated it already has the funds it needs for the duration of the current [Continuing Resolution] which is basically this week, without the billions more in funding the Democrats have been calling for,” McConnell said. “Quite frankly I think this is a vindication of what Republicans have been saying all along: Before we spend the taxpayers’ money we should have a real accounting, a real accounting of what is actually needed.”

He is part of the problem or has been. He is eat up with Washington filth, in my opinion. Shouldn’t say that because I am not sure, but he has been there a long, long time and so he has to be a party to what has been going on up there.

I await the vote in the House of Representatives on the Senate bill that is being advertised as a sure thing (as in shutdown averted). I don’t know how they are so sure about that since the House has not passed it yet.

And as we end this fiscal year – WHERE IS THE BUDGET? All of this wrangling is due to the fact there is no budget. Democrats, do you ever intend to comply with the law and pass a budget?



Posted: 09.28.11 @ 1:14 p.m.

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Mark Levin sends message to House Republicans – (Roll Call Vote is in)

JUST IN:  CR passed but 54 Republican statesmen vote NO.

Roll Call Vote Here.

54 House Republicans broke from the leadership and voted NO on the continuing resolution today, which was essentially a vote against Obamacare.  Thank you, Cliff Stearns [R-Fla].

Excerpt from Mark Levin yesterday:

The Left is destroying the civil society. They are destroying the nature and culture of our society. They are consuming our liberty and our private property at a rate unknown before. They are running Ponzi schemes, one after another. They are wasting hundreds of billions of dollars. They are fattening the bureaucracy, they are building monuments to themselves — and they are doing so at the expense of our children by spending wealth that hasn’t even been created yet.

Is this really that hard to explain?

Let me tell you something — Boehner, Cantor, McConnell, and the rest of GOP leadership in Congress had NOTHING to do with the tea party movement. They were resigned to minority status for decades to come.

WE the people, WE rose up.

WE said “no more.”

WE did the hard work, WE rallied, WE protested, WE organized, WE voted.

And it just so happens that these men were in the right position to benefit politically. They now have more power than they would otherwise have had, but for you.

We’re not some group to be managed. We’re not some fringe group. We’re not to be disrespected. We’re the heart and soul of this nation. And we can just as easily take down the Republican leadership and Republicans as we built it and them up.

We don’t have time for these games anymore. And we are not impressed with the symbolism and empty words.


The American people don’t want ObamaCare — how many damned ways do they have to tell you this?

Now, it’s time for some of you freshmen Republicans, who we voted for, who we supported with our donations, to break out. We don’t hear from you. It’s time for you to object and demand, rather than become dependable votes for the Republican leadership. It’s time for you to be heard and to become a factor in this city. There needs to be thunder on the right. There needs to be a rebellion within the House Republican caucus.

Thanks to The Right Scoop for the transcription.

UPDATE:  I don’t know what is up with this video.  Looks like somebody does not want this to be heard.  Which is all the more reason why it should be spread everywhere.  Here’s a link with the video and it appears to still work.  Maybe they haven’t gotten to it yet.  But anyway here it is for now:


UPDATE2:  Well, isn’t this strange.  The video works in IE but not in Foxfire.  I mean Firefox.  I don’t know…..maybe it will come back up.

Posted:  03.15.11  Update:  03.16.11 @ 6:44 p.m.  Update2:  03.16.11 @ 6:52 p.m.

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