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I think Hank Jr. probably meant Boehner as Hitler and Obama as Netanyahu

I just now listened to the Hank Williams, Jr. clip.  I cannot believe there is so much uproar over this.  All he said was Boehner and Obama playing golf together was like Hitler and Netanyahu playing golf together.

It could just as easily been an analogy of Boehner as Hitler and Netanyahu as Obama.  Why would Anybody think otherwise?

So, hell, I think, if anything,  he should go ahead and Admit that’s what he meant and apologize to Boehner.  Then everybody would be just fine. 

Posted:  10.07.11 @ 1:40 a.m.

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Living in Wonderland

Let’s see, it must be a nightmare!

We’ve got the economy down the tubes, no jobs, homes foreclosed, record number on food stamps, the Attorney General running guns with the drug cartel, half a billion dollars lost to Solyndra and $5 billion more out the door to other losers and the president yawns and says hindsight is 20/20, the president ordering an American killed without due process while running around the country yelling pass this bill when his own majority leader won’t bring it up for a vote, left-wing Obama supporting slugs in the streets stopping traffic requiring overtime for law enforcement…..

And the democrats and their mouth, the media, are worried about a word on a rock painted over some 30 years ago and Hank Williams, Jr. using the word Hitler in the same sentence as our illustrious president after the tea party has been called everything from sons of bitches to terrorists, and dear god, most of all will Chris Christie run for president as masses of reporters gather?

Somebody has got to be kidding.

Posted:  10.04.11 @ 12:50 p.m.

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