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HILLARY IS A JOKE! Video to prove it.

Can’t stop laughing! So glad they put in the words cuz not everybody speaks country. At least “T. Wilson” who actually sang the song had enough sense not to appear in the video.

This was the first political job for the actor starring in the video, although not the first music video. His name is Jason Tobias. He has also appeared in the music video for Ariana Grande and Chris Brown’s “Don’t Be Gone Too Long.”

He said that Stand With Hillary chose him for the video because he looked like a country music star, and that the one-day shoot — which took place an hour north of Los Angeles in Oxnard, California — was no different than any other music video he has done.


He has also played Jesus.

No, Tobias did not sing the song, and all he knows is that it was sung by someone named “T. Wilson,” who did not appear on set.

The song was written by media consultant Miguel Orozco, who started “Stand with Hillary” along with Democratic operative Daniel Chavez. This is not the first campaign music video he helped create. He is not a professional songwriter.

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Operation Zero Footprint – the truth about Benghazi

For two years, the American people have demanded to know the truth surrounding the events of September 11, 2012, in Benghazi, Libya. That was the night that four Americans were killed in terrorist attacks against a U.S. diplomatic mission and nearby CIA annex, attacks that were initially blamed on an anti-Islam video by an Obama administration in full campaign mode.

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This is at least a big part of why ISIS had to become ISIL in obamaspeak – to get that word “Syria” out, as it directly connects them. Rest assured, obama never does anything which does not advance his position – not a word is left to chance. And his position or agenda? You don’t have to take my word for it that it is Anti-American. Just take a look at what he does. He appears clueless and disengaged on purpose so that he can claim the first he knew of anything is “he read it in the newspaper.” Did you notice he used that very ploy when he gave his recent “we don’t have a strategy” speech. He made this brilliant statement: “I think what I’ve seen in some of the news reports suggests that folks are getting a little further ahead of where we are at than we currently are.”   He’s made quite a sacrifice to bring down America, I guess, in that he would rather come across as a fool and idiot than to publicly accept any responsibility for it.

And the phony video story he and Hillary and the administration told shows in just what low regard every one of them views Americans, that we should believe such a ridiculous lie.

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