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Health care costs to Increase not decrease

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration on Friday defended the new health insurance law after a report from its own Medicare services agency showed the provisions will INCREASE the nation‘s health care tab over the next 10 years instead of bringing costs down.

Well, surprise, surprise, surprise!

They have lied, folks, and are now defending their lies. We all know it.   I dare say more ordinary citizens have read and researched this health care law than members of the congress.  And the press?  Where were they?

And Queen Kathleen ignores it:

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius ignored the bad news Friday, emphasizing that Chief Actuary Richard S. Foster agrees that 34 million people will be insured who aren’t currently.

Robert Gibbs whines about “tired arguments”:

“I don’t doubt that those who opposed health care reform are going to continue to make the same, tired old arguments that have been made for years and years as it relates to health care.The president will and the administration will continue to talk about the benefits of what was passed in the law as many of those benefits come on line in the next several months,” he said.


Among the findings, the actuary concluded that:

– About 14 million people would lose their employer coverage by 2019 as smaller employers terminate coverage and workers who currently have employer coverage become enrolled in Medicaid;

– The estimated reductions in the growth rate of health spending “may not be fully achievable” because “Medicare productivity adjustments could become unsustainable even within the next 10 years, and over time the reductions in the scope of employer-sponsored health insurance could also become an issue”;

– New fees and taxes on medical device makers will “generally be passed through to health consumers in the form of higher drug and devices prices and higher premiums”;

– By 2011 and 2012 the initial $5 billion in federal funding for the creation of a national high-risk pool “would be exhausted, resulting in substantial premium increases to sustain the program; we anticipate that such increases would limit further participation”;

– It is reasonable to expect that a significant portion of the increased demand for Medicaid would be difficult to meet, particularly over the first few years”;

– Businesses would pay $87 billion in penalties between 2014-2019 for failure to offer insurance.


A separate CBO analysis released Thursday estimated that 4 million households would be hit with tax penalties under the law for failing to get insurance.

Read more:  http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/04/22/health-care-law-increase-costs-experts-conclude-new-report/

The truth comes out as time goes on, and is there any wonder I don’t trust what Chris Dodd and the administration is saying about the financial reform bill?


Posted:  04.23.10

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Maxine Waters outraged over tea partiers waving American flags

Another laugh out loud display of hypocrisy

Maxine Waters just thought it was “outrageous behavior” for the tea party protesers to be loud, and laughing, and, horror of horrors,  waving American flags.  Uh huh, and she didn’t hesitate to say so on Morning Joe recently.

Why do they just keep digging and looking more and more foolish for lying against the Tea Party people?  Maxine Waters and her cohorts in Washington are just in utter desperation to discredit the movement and it has really made them lose their minds and any integrity they may have had a few shreds of.  But, hey, that’s what happens when you set out to deceive and slander.  Most of the time it backfires.

This is a must see video compilation of Ms. Waters’ own harsh words and actual outrageous behavior a few years ago being contrasted to her words  now.

CNN has a reporter embedded with the Tea Party Express bus.   See what he/she (Shannon – not sure if it’s a man or woman) has to say.


Posted:  04.07.10


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“Is it a wise decision” to add taxes now?

We are so in trouble.  In Charlotte, N. C. yesterday, Obama was asked this simple question:

“Is it a wise decision to add more taxes with the health care, because we are overtaxed as it is.”

His answer took over 17 minutes and 2500 words of rambling, blah, blah, blah.  It’s not possible to listen to all of it, but take a look at the faces behind him.  Do you think these people are buying what he is selling?  It is my opinion that he has contempt for them anyway.  “Democracy is such a messy business.”

From Carolina Politics Online:

When His Majesty appeared to his subjects here in Charlotte Friday there was an open Q & A with the serfs.  One woman bluntly told the Big O that we are already overtaxed and questioned his “wisdom” in signing off on a health care bill that will raise taxes on Americans while we are already suffering a recession.  Obama doesn’t handle the truth very well.

Toward the end of a question-and-answer session with workers at an advanced battery technology manufacturer, a woman named Doris stood to ask the president whether it was a “wise decision to add more taxes to us with the health care” package.

“We are over-taxed as it is,” Doris said bluntly.

Obama started out feisty. “Well, let’s talk about that, because this is an area where there’s been just a whole lot of misinformation

Translation: “You’re too dumb to understand, Doris.  You are not listening to my propaganda.” http://www.carolinapoliticsonline.com/2010/04/05/obama-touchy-on-tax-questions/



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Our President in Portland, Maine – Parable of the Sower

Now this is really presidential.   I quote my friend, “Nothin’ like a sore winner.”  Tone it down, Mr. President.  The vitriol, the petulance, is unbecoming.

Posted:  04.02.10


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“It’s not Armageddon” – Yet

In Iowa City on Thursday Obama:

Mocked opponents of the bill who said that its passage would be an “Armageddon”:

So after I signed the bill, I looked around to see if there any — (laughter) — asteroids falling or — (applause) — some cracks opening up in the Earth. (Laughter.) It turned out it was a nice day. (Laughter.) Birds were chirping. Folks were strolling down the Mall. People still have their doctors.


What this reform does is build on the system of private health insurance that we already have. So does that mean that it’s going to solve every health care problem that we have? No. But it finally tells — oops, it looks like somebody may have fainted. That happens sometimes in the crowd. Just give him some space. If the medics can make sure to check on them, in the meantime just make sure that they’ve got some air. And if anybody has some water down there, that’d be great. They’ll be all right.

And, oops, 123 people will die today.  According to their own figures, over 179,000 people will die “from lack of insurance” in the four years before this law takes effect.  If you were able to follow the proceedings, you heard these figures cited on the House floor.

But I can almost picture him saying something like that to someone who needs medical care and who has not supported him.  “Just give him some air and a drink of water.  He’ll be all right.”

And what is going on with the swoonings?  The same thing happened in his visit to Pennsylvania on March 8th.

Someone made this comment:

“It was a heckler.
He was swarmed and hauled out yelling “Don’t You Dare,” while the clowns on the stage joked and laughed about it with each other and “The One.””

Flash back to the campaign trail.

It really does remind you of a Jim Jones type rally.  The staging and the lies have built a house of cards that will soon be coming down, just as soon as reality puffs on it a little bit.

See text of the Iowa City speech:   http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/26/us/politics/26obama-text.html?pagewanted=1

And previous posts:  https://bellalu0.wordpress.com/2010/03/24/another-123-people-will-dies-today-for-lack-of-health-insurance/


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Average Americans have been slandered and reviled

Last weekend a large group of citizens assembled in Washington, D. C. to protest the passage of a bill they did not want passed.  Last chance plea.  Well, guess what?  It passed anyway.  By the use of many tricks, underhanded deals, and other manipulations of the system, it passed.  Not surprisingly, some people are mad about it.  Maybe I should say many people are mad about it.  I am mad about it.  Frustrated and mad because we have been poked in the eye and slandered and maligned falsely.

But the last straw is this most recent trumped up media storm to discredit and, yes, slander, the tea party movement.  The democrats/media can’t seem to stop themselves, calling them racist, homophobic, and let’s see, what else – mobs, teabaggers, violent, thugs, brownshirts, blah, blah, blah, and this has been broadcasted over the public airways continuously since last summer.  Relentlessly, over and over.  And not just the media, but it has come from our esteemed elected “representatives” and even the highest officials, as the Speaker of the House (astroturf) and of the Leader of the Senate (evil-mongers).

Even the president came close with his mocking statement about “waving tea bags around.”  Notice:  These are American citizens exercising their right to peacefully assemble – not some invading foreign power.  American citizens, speaking truth to power.

It’s pretty darn funny that now suddenly those doing the mocking want to jump up and call for “civility.”  Give me a bleeping break.  It has moved clearly into the realm of the ridiculous when you hear supposedly serious questions referring to words like “battleground state,” “reload,” “targeted seats” as ramping up violence.  Do they not realize how stupid this sounds?

Now a full seven days after the vote, it continues, broadcasters speaking as if some wrongdoing was done, but nothing has been proved against anyone in this group.

A new video has emerged showing clearly the alleged spitting incident.  It shows the congressman actually as the aggressor, moving towards a man who is yelling with his hands on each side of his mouth, the congressman getting in his face and pointing at him.  And there’s a policewoman standing there observing the whole thing.  Did she arrest anyone?  No.  Did anyone shout anything other than “kill the bill?”  Remember how very carefully the president referred to the panty bomber as the “alleged” bomber.  These people are not given the benefit of “alleged.”  http://www.breitbart.tv/spit-take-video-captures-congressmans-saliva-encounter/

I wish somebody would sue.

Defamation—also called calumny, vilification, slander (for transitory statements), and libel (for written, broadcast, or otherwise published words)—is the communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government, or nation a negative image.

Libel or slander must be:

  1. Communicated to someone else.  [as in broadcasting on national tv day and night]
  2. Harmful to the reputation of the person (or group) the statement refers to [yes, harmful and hurtful, too]
  3. Malicious [and it goes without saying that it is malicious]

“”the falsity of the accusation is to be implied till the contrary is shown.”” 2 East, R. 436

“”Malice is in general to be presumed until the contrary be proved.””

See previous post:  https://bellalu0.wordpress.com/2009/08/07/we-are-the-mob-be-very-afraid/

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How a bill (really) becomes a law

How a Bill Becomes a Law  – Under democrat rule:


In the good ole days


Posted:  03.24.10

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