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Obama using scare tactics again to push the health care bill

Mr. President, you’re just gonna have to stop trying to scare people.


President Obama told ABC News’ Charles Gibson in an interview that if Congress does not pass health care legislation that will bring down costs, the federal government “will go bankrupt.”

The president laid out a dire scenario of what will happen if his health care reform effort fails.

“If we don’t pass it, here’s the guarantee….your premiums will go up, your employers are going to load up more costs on you,” he said. “Potentially they’re going to drop your coverage, because they just can’t afford an increase of 25 percent, 30 percent in terms of the costs of providing health care to employees each and every year. “

The president said that the costs of Medicare and Medicaid are on an “unsustainable” trajectory and if there is no action taken to bring them down, “the federal government will go bankrupt.”

What?  What is wrong with this man?  You almost have to take anything he says and turn it around to the exact opposite to get the truth about anything.  And they are talking about adding people to medicare, taking out billions of dollars from medicare.  How does that make any sense?

I think it’s the other way around.  The country will go bankrupt if this bill is passed.

See Judd Gregg lay out the TRUTH about what will make this country go bankrupt:

See more at Gateway Pundit.

And remember, it will give almost absolute power to the Secretary of Health, Kathleen Sebelius.

Michele Bachmann said at the Code Red Rally that Sebelius’s name is mentioned some thousands of times in the bill, and I know this to be true because I saw it myself, although I did not count them.  She will have absolute power over the health care program.

I tried to search on Google and Yahoo to find that statement and I have been trying now for about 30 minutes and all that comes up is the posts made by Media Matters or other posts that cast the rally in a negative light.  Pretty much proof that the search machines are also biased and fixed.  I have yet to find a transcript of the speeches that Michele Bachmann and Laura Ingraham gave at the Code Red Rally.  I will continue looking.

When you google the Code Red Rally, what comes up is “Fox News and rightwing media promote Code Red Rally” and what Media Matters has to say about it.  So Google and the search machines are also corrupt and fixed.

Update:  Finally found something on the number of times HHS is mentioned in the bill, meaning the current Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius.

A quick search of the Senate health bill will bring up “secretary” 2,500 times.

That’s because Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius would be awarded unprecedented new powers under the proposal, including the authority to decide what medical care should be covered by insurers as well as the terms and conditions of coverage and who should receive it.

“The legislation lists 1,697 times where the secretary of health and humans services is given the authority to create, determine or define things in the bill,” said Devon Herrick, a health care expert at the National Center for Policy Analysis.

See more on the subject Here.  This is very serious.  This has to be stopped.

I did find this post showing that over 5000 American Citizens (on a weekday) attended the Code Red Rally at the Capitol and you can see some fine pictures here.

Here’s an example.  They really look “angry and threatening” don’t they?  🙂

Posted:  12.17.09

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Baucus committee recesses until next Tuesday

Senate Finance Cmte. concludes first week of health care debate

Click Here to see video of what took place today.

Debate in the Senate Finance Cmte. has concluded for the week. Today, they discussed and voted on amendments to the legislation. Chairman Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT), announced that when the committee returns on Tuesday they will bring up several amendments which include a public option.

To watch a live feed of the Finance committee markup click here or here.

Posted:  09.25.09


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