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Santorum takes Tennessee, Oklahoma, N. Dakota

I thought it was interesting how much Santorum won these states by and I’m not hearing anything about that this morning.  So I am putting up just those percentages for what it’s worth.  I did see where Romney won big in Mass. and Idaho, but just squeaked by in Ohio.   (Karl Rove disappeared about 11 p.m. from Fox when Santorum was ahead by two percentage points.  I said he probably is going to Ohio to get those lost ballots from somebody’s trunk.  :).  He was about to choke when it looked like Santorum might beat his boy Romney. )  And, of course, Gingrich wins big in Georgia with 47% to Romney’s 25%.

Tennessee:  Santorum 37.4% – Romney 28.0 – Gingrich 24.0 – Paul 9.0

Oklahoma:  Santorum  33.8% – Romney 28 – Gingrich 27.5 – Paul 9.6

N. Dakota:  Santorum  39.7 – Paul  28.1% – Romney  23.7 – Gingrich 8.5

More results:  http://www.realclearpolitics.com/elections/live_results/

Posted:  03.07.12 @7:33 a.m.

P.S.:  Dennis Kuchinich was defeated in Ohio.

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Great republican debate from N. H.

I believe it was Ron Paul who said they all pretty much agree on the big issues.  And any one of them would make a thousand times better president than we have now.  I loved it that they were smiling, cordial to one another,  enthusiastic, and took it to Barack Obama.

Bachmann is in!

And thumbs up to Coke and deep dish pizza.

Posted:  06.14.11 @ 6:58 a.m.

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