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Gingrich wins big in S. C. – 40% Gingrich to 28% Romney

Told ya’ women would not fall for ABC’s blatant attempt to knock Gingrich out.  And the press is still calling Romney the “frontrunner” when he hasn’t Ever been the frontrunner.  Now watch the GOP establishment (led by Karl Rove and his little white board) try to bolster Romney, along with the media and the demos.  So predictable.  And the MSM (MFM) this morning is babbling on endlessly (MSNBC particularly).  They are so far off base they look silly and I think even they know it.  Their usual tactics are not working as well as expected.

Gingrich – 243,153  40%

Romney – 167,279  28%

100% precincts reporting


COLUMBIA, S.C. — Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has won the South Carolina primary  by a landslide, with numbers so big that the major networks called the race  almost immediately after the polls closed.

Heading into South Carolina, Gingrich’s campaign was lagging after poor  performances in Iowa and New Hampshire — and drawing criticism for ads that his  Super PAC was running attacking former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for his  time at Bain Capital.

But Gingrich turned it around and surged to victory.  With 99 percent of precincts reporting results, he was winning every single  county, which would mean he would take all of the states’ 25 delegates. The  overall vote count showed a 40–28 advantage for Gingrich over Romney.

“With your help, we are now moving to Florida and beyond,”Gingrich told a raucous, enthusiastic crowd at his victory party in the state  capital of Columbia.

Read more:  http://dailycaller.com/2012/01/21/gingrich-wins-big-in-south-carolina-heads-to-florida-as-race-heats-up/#ixzz1kCQwjuxH


Posted:  01.22.12 @10:58 a.m.

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