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Lee Anthony takes over the crying towel

This trial has turned into a bad soap opera. The Anthonys are a dysfunctional family, all right.  They are all liars.

Cindy cries.  Cindy lies.  Now Lee cries.  I am surprised this sob fest is allowed day after day.

I think this case has a lot of problems on the state side, but this defense case is ridiculous.  Cindy and George are allowed in the courtroom to hear all the testimony, which none of the other witnesses are allowed to do under the rule of sequestration.  I guess the judge allowed this because they are considered victims.  So they can formulate testimony and lies to create confusion. It seems Cindy is running the show and probably has been enabling her daughter, Casey, for most of her life and is now trying to enable her in this situation.  It seems that dispite all the tears, Caylee is a mere afterthought.  Cindy is center stage and directing the drama while she covers for Casey.

I haven’t decided about Lee yet.  He did seem genuinely emotional today, but when he broke into a sob, I started to get suspicious.  A little “over the top” as he described his parents seems to apply to him as well.  The thing I took away from his testimony was that he was hurt and probably has been hurt throughout his life because Cindy has sucked up all the air in that family.  So when he was shoved aside once again when Casey got pregnant, and he was hurt by that.  But the defense story that George and Lee molested Casey?  Why wasn’t he asked about it when they had him on the stand?

I looked back at the statements made to the police when Caylee was first reported missing.

I noticed that in all three statements – George, Cindy, and Casey – they said the last time the child was seen was on June 9th.  All of them.

That is wrong because they uncovered the video on Father’s Day, a week later, of Caylee with her grandfather in the nursing home.  So it turned out to be June 16th a week later they saw Caylee last.

You might expect someone to get a date mixed up.

One of them would be understandable.  But all of them?  This indicates to me there was some discussion or collusion between the three of them.  They were getting their stories straight.

But they got it wrong.  This seems to gain weight now that they are taking to the stand in what seems to be planned testimony, ie, Cindy taking the blame for searching for the chloroform.  Darn, maybe they are all involved.  A dog eating bamboo?  I guess they are all accustomed to lying that they don’t realize how stupid that sounds.  I’ll bet you the jury realizes it.

One show today was actually playing some tear jerking music in the background as they replayed Lee’s testimony.  Talk about staging the news.

The tall tales are going to be their downfall.  They would have been much better off to just rely on the weakness of the state’s case.

I have a nagging question:  Where was Casey and what was she doing during the time she was supposed to be at work at Universal for two years?  Has Anybody asked about that?  Where was she – what was she doing?  This could have a bearing on the entire case.

And just who is the father of Caylee?

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Day 26: Grandma Cindy Anthony says she searched computer for chloroform

Well, Cindy Anthony just showed her true colors.  I think it is now clear where Casey learned to lie so well.  Cindy comes off as an accomplished liar.

I am really not surprised but it was something to watch.  If you go back to her testimony for the state where she recounted all the elaborate lies Casey told her about trips to Tampa with Zanni and other imaginary people as if they were true, then it all begins to make sense.

Will we ever know how an innocent child ended up in the woods without a decent burial.  That’s the part about the accident that gets me.  Even under the defense’s story, Casey was partying a few days after her child’s death and somebody? threw Caylee’s body in the brush to decompose.

Now that I see Cindy on the stand today, I wonder if she and George are not accomplices in the crime.  If she’s the one who looked up the chloroform, she is implicating herself.

Story and video:  http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/caylee-anthony/os-casey-anthony-trial-day-26-20110623,0,1426663.story


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State rests in Casey Anthony case – Surprise defense witness revealed

The state rested its case today – leaving unanswered questions and gaping holes in the case.  Judge Perry denied the defense motion for acquittal, not surprisingly allowing the jury to decide.  I won’t go into it but the state would not want me on the jury at this point in time.

The defense adds a surprise witness to their list, Vasco Thompson, an Orlando felon convicted on kidnapping charges in 1988. who is supposed to have had cell phone contact with George Anthony.  This is very curious.  It’s hard to believe anything they say, but it is interesting.

I think the state is grasping at straws to tie the murder to Casey.  I believe it is murder and certainly not an accident, but the state did not close the deal that it was Casey that killed her.  So that still leaves the ridiculous claim of accidental drowning hanging out there.  The defense has boxed themselves into a story that does not make sense.  I’ve heard of a murder being covered up by claiming an accident, but never an accident being covered up by claiming a murder.

The Orlando Sentinel reports today:

On the same day Chief Judge Belvin Perry denied a defense motion for acquittal, Casey Anthony‘s team introduced a new person to the murder case — an Orlando felon with a violent past.

The defense team’s amended witness list now includes Vasco Thompson, an Orlando felon convicted on kidnapping charges in 1988.

Court documents show Thompson is a “recently discovered witness through the ongoing efforts of defense investigators.”

Thompson, according to the filing, “was connected to George Anthony through his cell phone records.” Records show four calls between Caylee’s grandfather and Thompson on July 14, 2008 — a day before Cindy Anthony reported Caylee’s disappearance to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.


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Bombshell! Shock! Casey Anthony Trial – Defense says It was an accident

Oh, my goodness.

Jose Baez opening statement.  He says the baby drowned in the pool – accident.

The death was covered up

George and Casey were at home when it happened.

George made sure Casey took the blame.  My, God.

George sexually abused Casey since her age 8.  She lived in a house of lies because, at age 8, as Baez says: Quote:  “She could have her father’s penis in her mouth in the morning and then go to school as if nothing happened.”  Thus, she grew up lying.

I have no idea if this is true or not.  George and Cindy are in the courtroom listening to all of this.  Wow.

This still does not explain the duct tape.  And he says Roy Kronk places the body there but how did he get the body???


Oh, wow.  George is the first witness for the state.

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Autopsy of Caylee Marie Anthony released

Grieving grandfather George Anthony stormed out of an Orange County courtroom this morning after a judge denied a request to seal Caylee Marie’s autopsy report.

It revealed that, as reported, there was in fact duct tape wrapped several times around her lower face and it was still attached to her hair.

No pictures were released.

Florida has very liberal laws which make most all documents available to the public.  A relatively new exception states that autopsy photos are not public in Florida under a law named after racing legend Dale Earnhardt, who died in 2001 during a crash at the Daytona 500.

Concerns about the possibility of Earnhardt’s photos becoming public prompted Florida lawmakers to quickly pass the exemption.

Under the law, it is a felony for people to look at or copy autopsy photos and videos unless they can persuade a judge to let them do so.

Go to Orlando Sentinel to see a copy of the autopsy report, the forensics report, and FBI report of examination as well as complete coverage of recent rulings in the case.

Autopsy Report Here:  http://www.wesh.com/download/2009/0619/19802034.pdf

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George and Cindy Anthony angry at depositions (Update)

UPDATE: Here’s the beginning of each deposition taken of Cindy Anthony and George Anthony on 04.09.09.

I just watched pretty much all the videos and I think I can understand their anger to some extent but I have never seen such combative behavior by witnesses in a depo.  They were horrible.  Zaneida’s attorney said that Casey had also sued Zaneida, so they are both plaintiffs and both defendants which complicates things.

See all the videos of Cindy Anthony’s deposition Here and George Anthony Here.

This (below) is a raw video of interview with Zenaida’s attorneys after the depositions.

These were some very contentious depositions today of George and Cindy Anthony.

Both of them are very combative.  George accused Zenaida’s attorney of shooting him a bird.  The lawyer said he was just pushing his glasses up but he would use his pinky if it bothered him.  Cindy supposedly called him a b*stard after the depositions.  They do not like him to say the least.  Pretty funny.  You have to watch the video to see the intensity of it.  This sheds quite a bit of light on the grandparents.  Orlando Sentinel.

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Caylee Marie Anthony Memorial Service

An estimated 1,200 people celebrated the short life of Caylee Marie Anthony at a memorial service this morning at the First Baptist Church of Orlando.
The emotional service for the deceased 2-year-old lasted nearly two hours, the last 45 minutes of which were heart-felt eulogies from the little girl’s family.


Photos by Red Huber, Orlando Sentinel

This Baptist Church service was covered by CNN/Headline News this morning and will be re-run at 4:30 p.m.

Another service was held at the site where the body was found where people gathered in an impromptu service this morning, led by a California bounty hunter, Leonard Pedilla, who inserted himself in the case of the missing girl and her 22-year-old mother Casey Anthony, who is now in jail and charged with the child’s murder.

Leonard Pedilla was one of the people the Anthony Family barred from the First Baptist Church Memorial Service.

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